2002 Pontiac Montana from North America


Stay away and put your hard earned money into a Honda


The intake gasket went luckily before warranty ran out, but still had to pay $100 to dealership for warranty work to be done. Asked dealer to look over all other gaskets, which they had said were all fine. Shortly after warranty ran out, head gasket shot. Dealer would not repair under goodwill warranty and really tried to avoid having to fix this problem. This will cost me around $2500 to repair and there is no guarantee on how long it will last for. Talked with several mechanics and they all know all to well the problems with the Pontiac Montana.

General Comments:

The Montana looks good and is a very comfortable ride, bu with the mechanical issues and lack of commitment from Pontiac, I will never buy a Pontiac or GM product again. I will pay the extra expense to buy a foreign car.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2007

26th Apr 2007, 13:09

Honda Minivans have significant problems with their trannies. Out of all the minivans the NEW model sienna is probably your best shot for reliability.

2002 Pontiac Montana from North America


Looks aren't everything, rust buckets have been found to be more reliable than the Montana


At 52,000 miles we had to have the condenser replaced (rusted and leaking).

At 70,000 we had to have the lower head gasket, plugs/wires (burnt on) replaced.

We had vehicle in shop 3 times in three weeks due to battery kept dying. Mechanics explanation " I don't know".

Now brake lights won't work, bulbs are fine fuses are fine.

At the current mileage of 89,000 we are on our 3rd set of tires.

We also owned a Grand Am a few years back which we had to replace less than 3 years after purchase due to it's maintanance problems. Both my grand father and father were employees of GM for 30 years each and I will never purchase another GM product. I can no longer afford the repair cost associated with owning a GM product.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2007

2002 Pontiac Montana standard 3.4L from North America


An overall reliable van with some minor problems


There are some minor quality issues such as the vinyl trim around the windshield coming loose, rust at the bottom of the vehicle where the sliding doors are, cheap plastic dashboard parts etc...

A major problem on these vans is the factory installed XP 2000 GENERALS. Stay away from these tires. Go look for yourself before you buy at a used dealership - most of these tires split on the side walls down to the kevlar within 40,000Kms. This should be a recall by the manufacturer! Insist on different tires before purchase!

General Comments:

The motor has excellent performance.

The van has been reliable so far.

It's a comfortable good looking mini van.

It has better gas mileage than most mini vans.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2006

2nd Dec 2012, 17:21

Update: Sold this van around 130,000kms, and at 140,000kms it blew the head gasket. I knew the guy I sold it to.

2002 Pontiac Montana from North America


Several things had to be repaired at 50000 miles at a cost of $2500.00, rotors, struts, brake lining. The van is now in our garage not running needing a new head gasket. It cost $700.00 to have a mechanic find this out only to tell us that the head gasket was manufactured with a defect. Grooves in metal at top of head gasket. Seal will never sit on top properly. Have always had trouble with this until it blew. The tragedy of this is that GM will not stand by its products and do the right thing. For this reason, the American public is turning its back on All GM products and buying from its foreign competition. You better get your act together and take care of the people who supported you all of these years.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2006

18th May 2006, 19:43

IF this were a problem that pertained to ALL Montanas, then yes, GM would probably recall those vans. It just sounds like you got a bad model. My folks '03 Montana has the same mileage and has never had one problem.

4th Oct 2006, 21:58

I also purchased a used Montana recently and with 99700 km on the odometer the engine started to overheat and loose coolant.

The local dealer diagnosed (and fixed) a leaking right side cylinder head gasket and a leaking intake gasket.

Apparently this is a well known problem within the GM circle (according to the mechanic that did the repairs),however when I contacted GM customer services and requested assistance it was denied, resulting in a $1300.00 repair bill.

There are a number of class action law suits on the go for exactly these symptoms, looks like GM may have a problem!