2002 Pontiac Montana Sport 3.4 SFI from North America


35000kms rear wiper motor died.

Annoying thud from rear of vehicle when stopping or accelerating.

Trim around front windshield poorly made, keeps popping up. Had in to dealer once to fix the problem, but it came back up within one week.

The engine is thankfully free of the dreaded intake gasket problem, however I changed the dexcool at 45000kms as it was cooked.

General Comments:

Nice family van, very comfortable.

Passes well on the highway, gas mileage is good too.

No major problems yet, I drive about 80kms to work one way.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2005

2002 Pontiac Montana 3.4L V6 from North America


Cheaply built like all low priced GM vehicles, but is OK if you maintain it well


Other than bringing it in 3 times to the dealer because of valve train noise, that they insist is just the fuel injection and "normal", I've only had to have an oil switch put in, under warranty. Also brought in because it shuts off when going down a hill with your foot off of the gas.

General Comments:

It's a mini van, an American made one at that, so needless to say it is cheaply built inside and out. It's like any other Chevy, plastics are thin, electronics are less than high tech, and the engine and transmission are less than desirable. The braking is good, but the pedal feels mushy. The engine starts well, and runs decently for it's size. The Montana needs a 3.8 engine like it had in the 90's. The 3.4 feels very base. Gas mileage is somewhere at 25 MPG on the highway. Van is noisy at any speed when it goes over bumps. Uses no fluids and does not do anything out of the ordinary. I can say for sure, that at over 100K miles, it would be a nightmare. If you're going to get a van of this year, take a look at Dodges Caravan.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2005

29th Jan 2006, 21:46

I had a 2003 Dodge Caravan, really its not that great.

Had to have the trans replaced at least twice in the first six months of ownership. The first tranny only 36kms after delivery. That and the fit and finish in side is horrible. the main plastic around the Cd/hvac controls keeps falling off, its held on by 5 little plastic clips. Last, but not least is the engine, when you try and step on the gas to pass a truck on the highway, Don't! you will never make it. Its as if you were driving in a 1970 VW Beetle. Extremely under powered on the torque side. Plain and simple, Dodge is still the worst even though people think its great since they merged with Mercedes.

2002 Pontiac Montana Extended V6 from North America


Stay away


On delivery:

* 600 miles on odometer

* Scratched bumper, cracked paint on the door, two of four headphones missing, DVD remote missing, and a wheel out of balance.

During ownership:

* Driver door handle replaced

* Sliding door seals replaced

* Radio replaced

* DVD player fixed

* Seat belt replaced

* Key-less remote replaced

* Lug covers replaced

* Window switch fixed

General Comments:

Although the engine and transmission were very smooth and powerful, the ride was poor over bumps. When crossing railroad tracks or other bumps, it always sounded like we had a load of dishes in the van. The paint job was also poor with dirt in the paint in several locations. The overall fit and finish quality was poor both inside and out.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2005

3rd Mar 2006, 13:14

Most of the problems were never fixed. I never owned it for one single day that it did not have a problem. And it does not matter if is covered by warranty when the van sits in the shop more than in my garage.

2002 Pontiac Montana Sports 3.4L V6 from North America


Generally a nice van, but with useless service personnel


The gas tank produces a "thud" sound when 100% filled. Sound gradually disappears as gas level drops, until it's totally gone starting at 50% and down.

Busted left side dash-bulb on the air con panel after 31,000 kilometers.

Left rear power window is intermittent.

General Comments:

After a series of driving test at my dealer, the service representative told me that the "thud" sound on my tank is "normal". They only have solution for this particular problem on Montana 98 & 99 model. He said they don't have the replacement straps needed for 2003 model. I have to tell him that it's not "normal" as it is a faulty design on their part. I'm sure nobody would want to buy a vehicle with an annoying sound that dealer would say as "normal".

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Review Date: 15th August, 2004