Sunbird GT 2.0 turbo

Still runs with the new models, speed/MPG

100 words, 2 comments

Sunbird 2.0 VIN K

Great little car for the money!

36 words

Sunbird GT Turbo 2.0L turbo

1988 Sunbird GT Turbos ROCK!

97 words

Sunbird SE 1.4L I4

The best car I've ever owned

299 words

Sunbird SE 2.0 tbi ohc

Great Little car, Worth it's weight in Oil

184 words

Sunbird SE 2.0 turbo

The best deal of my life at $500.00

131 words, 3 comments

Sunbird SE 2.0 Fuel injection

Great bang for the buck, even after 15 years!

525 words

Sunbird SE 2.0

350,000 miles got me my money's worth and then some!

202 words

Sunbird SE 2.0

A good car for a teenager to start out in.

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Sunbird SE 2.0 turbo

This car has V8 performance with 4cyl fuel economy. Who could ask for anything more!

339 words

Sunbird SE 1.9

Makes a good project for teens who want a sporty looking car at a good price.

189 words

Sunbird SE 2.0

A very reliable and awesome first car!

111 words

Sunbird 2.0L

Great first car!

77 words

Sunbird 2.0L

A great car for a great price

77 words

Sunbird GT 2.0L

It is a wonderful car, expecially for its age

79 words

Sunbird GT 2.0L turbo

An under-rated luxurious sports coupe

179 words, 1 comment

Sunbird LE 2.0L I-4

A great car that just won't die!

144 words

Sunbird SE 2.0

It's a great car if you want to draw little attention

89 words

Sunbird SE Standard

A nice looking, quick car that's good for the guy who likes to work on cars

150 words

Sunbird SE Coupe 2.0 liter

Great first car that served me well between 18 and 28 years of age!

260 words

Sunbird SE 2.0 Liter 4 Cyl

A reliable car to get you from one place to the next: great starter car

47 words

Sunbird GT 2.0 L turbo (4 cyl)

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