1992 Pontiac Sunbird SE 2.0L


Great deal, very reliable car


Just basic maintenance stuff, such as brakes. A rubber brake hose, wheel cylinder. Otherwise, nothing has gone wrong (knock on wood LOL).

General Comments:

Well, now that I think of it... The worst thing about this car is the rust. Make sure, that if you get one with a decent body, wash it all the time! Make sure that you get the underbody washed as well.

If you can get one of these at a reasonable price, pick it up. You won't regret it. We got ours for $1,100 and have had it for 40,000 miles.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2009

1992 Pontiac Sunbird SE 3.1 V6


The best mistake I wish I never made


Had a new motor put in.

Oil leak.

Engine cooling fan went out.

Water pump.

Exhaust almost does not exist.

Rust all along the bottom of doors.

Replaced the heater core.

There is not many parts on this car that are not new.

The new motor has only 130,000 miles on it, and we aren't sure if the fuel pump, filter or coil pack is out on it now. When it does start, it runs for 2-3 minutes, then dies and won't start for a few days.

General Comments:

I loved this car when I got it. The exhaust was held up by a hanger, and it was kinda noisy. The dealer said "it's a sporty model" Ha Ha. It is a V6 so it goes pretty fast. I only paid 3000.00 for it.

The stock speakers are great. The interior is a little stained, but when you are going fast, who can see the inside?

It is a great car for the first few years. After that it costs just as much to keep it running as it would to send my kid to college. It's no wonder they don't make them anymore and renamed them Sunfire.. junkyard parts are cheaper. Almost 5000.00 in the purchase and repairs for a lovely 4 door flower pot for the front yard.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2006

1992 Pontiac Sunbird LE


Sunbird: The Car That Wouldn't Die


The overhead light wouldn't go off and zapped the battery.

The screws holding in the front seat rusted away three times, and the seat broke.

The left signal stopped working and had to be clicked manually.

A weird beeping noise (not unlike the one where the driver leaves the keys in the car) came on and would increase with acceleration and vice versa.

The tape player stopped working.

EVERY ONE of the knobs to roll windows down came off.

The entire exhaust system fell out of the car.

The truck rusted through and fell out.

The back left door wouldn't close properly.

The red colour faded to pink.

The gas tank leaked.

General Comments:

There were so many problems with this car and yet I still cried when I sold it.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2006

25th Aug 2006, 21:47

I had that same problem with the left turn signal. As well as my carpet being soaked when it rained. My boyfriend fixed both of the problems for me. For the left turn signal all you have to do it replace the flasher and the front turn signal socket. Must be a common problem, but an easy fix.

28th Sep 2006, 14:02

My back driver seat floor fills with water every time it rains, I tried putting duct tape all along the rain runners on top of the car and above the doors... but it still fills...

I can't figure it out.

And its been raining here for a few weeks now, not to mention the water is lime green..

How does antifreeze fill up my car??

16th Apr 2007, 06:51

"How does antifreeze fill up my car??"

Bad heater core?

18th Jul 2010, 00:23

My car also used to fill up with water when it rained, however as soon as I replaced the windshield, it fixed the problem.

Also my left turn does not work, but doing it manually is not a big issue for me :P.

I LOVE my car though, I would recommend a Sunbird to anyone who is looking for a good starter car, it's cheap and fun to drive :)