1992 Pontiac Sunbird SE


I'm going to miss it!!


Well, where do I begin? I bought the car during the day. The first night I drove it I found out it had no dash lights! Come to find out that they aren't just $1 lights. It's a whole unit that cost me around $60.

A week later my alternator blew. There was another $150.

Then about 6 months later my heater core broke. I live outside of the city and that was a real treat to get it to the mechanic.

Then my brake went out. Not just a simple brake job. The cylinder in my rear tires went. So every time I would step on the brakes the back tires would lock up.

I think it was my timing chain next. They had to take off the water pump to get to the timing belt so I had them replace that too. It was bound to blow anyway. Why pay for labor twice.

Then my car started jerking and cutting out while driving. When I would try to start it I would have to shake the car. The previous owner had a remote start on it and when they took it off they didn't connect the wires to the spark plugs and fuel pump tight enough. It took my mechanic and myself 3 months to figure this out. Two months later I had to have them reconnected because they worked loose.

The stabilizer bars when next.

A month later the starter started to grind. Then all of a sudden the car wouldn't start at all. Not the starter!I found out that the head gasket blew or I cracked the head. That was a sad day.

General Comments:

Although I had a lot of problems with my car. I loved it. In fact my brother is trying to bring it back to life. It would be great to drive it again.

It was fun to drive. I handled great.

I like the red dash lights. I think you can read them easier and they look cool.

I'm going to miss it!

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Review Date: 18th November, 2003

31st Jul 2004, 13:08

I've had every single problem you listed! The dash lights were a nightmare!

Currently the front rack and pinion assembly is out, causing the car to "whine" when you turn the steering wheel. Front struts are also bad.

These cars are NOTORIOUS for cracked heads, as GM used aluminum heads. I think I have another cracked head, this will be the second time. I'm about ready to give up on her.

1992 Pontiac Sunbird SE 3.1 V6


A great bang for the buck


When I test drove the car, I was worried about how well it would handle on the express way, so I took it down a road on an abandoned air-force base. I was really impressed with the power the car had, and how nicely it handled. When I got back to the dealership though, I noticed the smell of burning oil. Mentioned it to the dealer, he knocked $1000 off the price, and fixed it for me for free.

The windshield has a crack in it, coming from the top drivers side corner. There is no evidence as to why it started (no chips, or anything).

The power-steering fluid is leaking, but nothing too bad.

General Comments:

I realized the previous owner of the vehicle is one of my regular customers. She said the windshield did the same thing to her also. She also gave me all the paperwork on the car, right down to the receipts from her payments. This car has been well taken care of, and continues to be an excellent car.

This is the first car I have had that does not beep to let you know the lights are on, the keys are in the ignition, or the door is open, but it will buzz to let me know the rear window is defrosted. I have replaced the fuse, but it still does not beep.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2003