Sunbird SE

There isn't a nicer car on the road!!

284 words

Sunbird LE 2.0

Fair, great handling, noisy engine

172 words

Sunbird SE 3.1 V6

Fast/fun and not bad on gas

42 words, 2 comments

Sunbird SE 3.1

185 words

Sunbird LE

Great starter car, and reliable and gas friendly

83 words

Sunbird LE 3.1

Best car I've owned so far

82 words

Sunbird 4 cylinder

Overall, for its age, it's been a pretty reliable car

167 words, 1 comment

Sunbird LE 3.1MPI

This is the best car I have ever owned

84 words

Sunbird 2.0

Sweet car, Hate thieves

83 words

Sunbird LE 2.0

Great cheap, reliable transportation on the cheap

320 words, 3 comments

Sunbird SE 3.1L V6

Not bad for a first car, if you have the money. Work on this car and it will treat you well.

102 words, 1 comment

Sunbird 2.0


32 words

Sunbird 2.0

Not a reliable car

96 words, 3 comments

Sunbird LE 2.0 OHC MPFI

A great city car!

93 words

Sunbird LE 2.0

Spends your money for you

183 words, 3 comments

Sunbird LE 2.0

Decent Car

217 words, 1 comment

Sunbird LE 3.1

Good first car

100 words, 1 comment

Sunbird LE 3.1L V6

Inexpensive, yet very reliable.

173 words, 16 comments

Sunbird LE 2.0 OHC

Reliable, but old, quick pickup on flat roads

147 words, 1 comment

Sunbird LE 122 cid 4, 100 hp

A steaming pile of ordure, but reliable

340 words, 8 comments

Sunbird LE 2.0 Overhead Cam

A great deal for less than a grand

118 words

Sunbird SE 2.0 Gasoline

Wonderful, economic, sharp looking cruiser!

209 words, 2 comments

Sunbird LE 4 cylinder

Great college student car

152 words

Sunbird SE 2.2 4 cylinder

It is crap

26 words

Sunbird LE 2.0

64 words, 1 comment

Sunbird LE

Nice cruising car

125 words

Sunbird LE 2.0L I-4

85 words

Sunbird LE 2.0

Bottom line - it was a nightmare!

138 words, 2 comments

Sunbird LE 3.1 V6

This is the only car for me

86 words

Sunbird LE 2.1 Fuel Injected

This is a wonderful car for a college student!

93 words

Sunbird LE 3.1L V6

A great fist car if you want performance and reliability

85 words, 1 comment

Sunbird LE 2.0L SOHC

Surprising performance

129 words, 2 comments

Sunbird 4 Door LE 2.0

Great car for all ages

120 words

Sunbird LE 2.0L 4 cylinder

A somewhat reliable first car

77 words

Sunbird LE 2.0L 4-cylinder OHC

A mid performance bargain with possibilities

58 words

Sunbird SE 2.0

Cheap piece of crap

123 words, 10 comments

Sunbird SE 4.6

A great car for a cheap price

25 words, 4 comments

Sunbird LE I-4 Coupe 2.0L 4 cyl

160 words, 2 comments

Sunbird LE 2.0 Litre


43 words