1993 Pontiac Sunbird SE 3.1L V6 from North America


Not bad for a first car, if you have the money. Work on this car and it will treat you well.


Emergency Brake got loose every 2 months.

Windshield wiper arms became loose and had no "press" against the windshield.

Battery kept on draining even if the car was off.

Power steering hose blew.

Front suspension doesn't last long, the car bottoms out all the time.

Starter had to be replaced.

Thermostat also had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Even with all of the problems, the car itself is very comfortable.

The car had lots of acceleration with the V6 engine.

Very fun to drive and looks really sharp if it has the GT package on it.

It sounds very loud "in a good way"

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

22nd Aug 2011, 07:40

Everything you described as "faults" on this vehicle are the direct result of poor maintenance or neglect. E-brake gets loose on every car if you use it constantly, that's not really abnormal. The other stuff makes me think you don't slow down much for speed bumps, don't do regular maintenance on the car to keep the other stuff in proper working order, and you probably park it outside in the sun all day, every day. Treat your car well and it will return the favor.

1993 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 from North America




I haven't had any problems with this car.

General Comments:

It's a nice car I haven't had any problems with it. If you take care of it you won't have any problems with it.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

1993 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 from Israel


Don't buy Pontiac anymore


Too much water and heating problems.

There were a lot leakages.

The motor almost got burnt several times.

Alternator was changed several times.

Transmission failed totally.

Selling the car as scrap.

General Comments:

How can an American car make so much problems? Now I understand why everybody buys Japanese cars. I am not going to buy anymore Pontiac/GM cars.

They drive good, but very unreliable and the repairs cost a lot! I hope GM CEO will read this. But do they care really?

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Review Date: 29th September, 2004

1993 Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 from North America


Not a reliable car


The car is stalling within an allotted time of 20-30 minutes and as well as stalling at high speeds, such as 90.

General Comments:

Ever since, I had purchased this car, I quickly became aware of the butcher job the previous owners had done to the exhaust manifold, spark plug treads, head, wiring, thermostat etc.

After replacing the intake manifold, new manifold gasket, thermostat, head gasket, new spark plugs and fuel filter. It is still stalling, after three service technician at Canadian Tire told me:

"They just don't know." I'm running out of ideas to fix this car.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2004

23rd Mar 2005, 23:45

Sounds to me like your fuel pump/pressure is at fault here. Leave the car with your service dealer and make sure they diagnose the problem (properly) before you spend your money. I also suggest that you keep your gas level above 1/4 tank full to prevent crap from the bottom of the tank fouling your engine.

18th Apr 2005, 19:38

Try taking your car somewhere other than Canadian Tire. I know they have licensed technicians, but I have received nothing but brutal service with my vehicles there. They are handy because they are open longer hours than my regular mechanic, but I try to avoid them.

1993 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 OHC MPFI from North America


A great city car!


When I bought the car, I had to replace the timing belt and water pump. Everything else has been regular maintenance. The suspension is showing signs of wear, but after 200000kms I can't complain.

General Comments:

This is a fantastic daily driver with great gas mileage. Just like any car, as long as you maintain it, the Sunbird will give you 1000's of trouble free kilometers. The car does not have much in the way of performance, but makes up for it with how easy on the wallet it is. I highly recommend this car.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2004

1993 Pontiac Sunbird LE 2.0 from North America


Spends your money for you


The car when I bought it had mostly highway miles on it. So I didn't think it would be that bad having 160,000 miles on it. Boy was I wrong, I drove the car for four days and a rod blew through the block and radiator of my engine. Since then my car doesn't start in the mornings for a good 30 minutes when the temperature reaches below zero. Now I'm having a problem with possibly the transmission. When I come to a complete stop at a light once I try to accelerate The car shakes horribly. It acts like its having problems switching from the low gears to a higher gear. You may think to problems are happening because of the high miles. But my dad does have a Truck that's almost at 300,000 miles and he only ever had one problem ever with the truck and he could fix it himself.

General Comments:

The car is pretty speedy for only a 4 cylinder, if only it would go off the starting line! I think I'll just drive it till it blows up again.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2004

18th Nov 2004, 16:19

My car is perfectly fine it was an Alberta car when I got it and it also has 277,000 kl on it and all I've had to fix is the brakes and drums and the shoes and that is it.

1st Feb 2005, 04:57

I also have a car with almost the same miles and I haven't had a problem with it, yet it has over 124k miles on it and I ran it from Maquoketa, Ia and Andrew, Ia and the only thing I experienced was a drop in speed on uphill slopes.

13th Jun 2005, 20:48

My sunbird was purchased with 146,000 k on it and I beat it senseless for another 120,000 k I replaced only the clutch, 1 ball-joint the brakes and the alternator (due to sound system) I gave up on the car because it had rusted severely on the drivers side.

The car was solid and could take much abuse with little complaints.