2005 Pontiac Wave reviews from North America

Wave WLT Hatchback

I just LOVE that little car!!!


Lousy investment

Wave GE hatchback 1.6L

Excellent little car

229 words

Wave 1.6 liter

Great car with some little faults

109 words

Wave 1.6

For an economy car, it's very good

78 words

Wave Hatchback 1.6L

Garbage Metal (GM)

119 words, 6 comments


I regret buying this car

Wave 1.6

I just bought it, is too soon for a fair opinion

87 words


If you want an economy car, don't buy GM

Wave basic 1.6

Very happy with performance and comfort

166 words


Pathetic in every way

Wave 5 door hatchback


Wave UPLEVEL 1.4

I hate it cause its always broke and gm won't do anything about it

73 words, 3 comments

Wave Uplevel 1.6

Cute, compact with some character

35 words, 3 comments

Wave Uplevel 1.6 E-Tec II DOHC

Finally, a DECENT car!! (Not Honda!)

353 words, 42 comments