2005 Pontiac Wave from North America


Great car until the timing belt went at 52,000 km, and the motor was destroyed


I had driven this car for 23,000 km and had absolutely no problems. The car ran very well and the motor was so quiet you could hardly tell it was running. Everything almost seemed too good to be true.

One day I was driving along the freeway and I heard an odd noise which concerned me, but it stopped so I continued driving with the intention now of going to a repair shop. I made it there alright, but with the aid of a tow truck. My timing belt was ruined and so was my motor, and my dream of a perfect car turned into a nightmare of bewilderment.

General Comments:

Good handling and economic vehicle until the nightmare happened.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2015

14th Nov 2015, 03:21


It is probable that the timing belt would have required replacement due to age alone, even if the distance traveled was not very high. I believe this would apply to many/all, rubber or fiber parts.

For example: Tyres have a "use by date" and are illegal to use when expired, even if they have plenty of tread. It's several years from the date of manufacture, which is molded on the side wall. This is a safety rule, because they can go bang without much warning if used after this use by date.

I hope this helps you for next car.

2005 Pontiac Wave WLT Hatchback from North America


I just LOVE that little car!!!


If I have to write about the faults with this little car... maybe I should not be writing at all.

Firstly, let me say, I am the second owner of this pretty aqua coloured car.

I got a great deal from a lady, the first owner, and she praised it up so much, I could not resist buying it from her.

She told me the only things replaced on the car were new brake pads.

Of course, I thought, well she is trying to sell the car, and surely there must be things that are on the way out, needing repairs. So off to the garage I went, after paying for it, to have it inspected.

It passed with flying colours, with the exception; I needed one new tire. But of course, I already had an appointment with another garage, to have 4 new winter tires installed.

General Comments:

So sorry... but if someone is looking for the negatives, about this car, there are none, not even one.

Oh, I bought a new set of wipers!

This car is pretty to look at and pretty to drive. It has never let me down. First click of the key, every time.

I was involved in an accident a little while ago, where a big truck went through a red light and damaged the front side and hood, but it is STILL going, while I wait for repairs.

I would recommend this car to anyone, as I bless the day I bought it.

My next car will be one of the same. I just love that little car!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2014

11th Mar 2014, 21:18

Please check your TIMING BELT. They are going to cost you a fortune if they break while the engine is running, due to the zero clearance of the piston and valves if the belt fails (they will smash into each other, destroying your engine). They say you should have the belt replaced every 100,000 km (60,000 miles).

My daughter got her 2005 Wave with 150,000 km. The person she had purchased it from had the timing belt replaced at 97,000 km before the powertrain warranty expired. My daughter had owned the Wave for just over one year when the timing belt failed. The mechanic's estimate to repair was $2,400.00 + TAX to replace the head, valve and stems and other misc stuff.

She had paid $3500.00 and tax for the Wave. The speedometer read 170,000 when she had it towed to the wreckers, and she only received $400.00 for scrap. I being a good father, spent that on the Wave for new snow tires and a new battery for the winter, about week and a half before she phones me late at night saying that her Wave had died on her coming back from some get together.

So please do yourself a favour and check your timing belt.

P.s. it cost about $400.00 to replace according to the GM dealer where it was replaced. That belt only lasted just over 70,000 km. That is just under 45,000 miles.

2nd Oct 2014, 05:05

Thank you for the warning, but if this car fails me now, in any way... I certainly got my money's worth.

I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

So sorry to hear of your daughter's troubles with her car.