2005 Pontiac Wave basic 1.6 from North America


Very happy with performance and comfort


The lock for the gasoline filler door broke, but was replaced by myself very easily at very low cost. This was probably the result of abuse at the gas station.

The engine hood has a couple of dents and seems to be made of very light material.

General Comments:

This car was recalled three times for the same condition although this never occurred in my case. The last recall created a noise problem which took some detective work on the part of the dealership to resolve. The replacement part had to be modified because of faulty manufacture. The recall was to repair possible throttle freeze up in colder climates. dealer service was exceptional.

I believe the standard transmission is the better option on this car as it takes driver participation for good performance.

I keep the car in a heated garage in the winter and do all my own servicing. The car is very easy to service.

I think snow tires are essential on this car in Canada.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

2005 Pontiac Wave from North America


Pathetic in every way


The front windshield broke within 24 hours of buying it.

The rear view mirror has fallen off three times.

The engine occasionally spews forth black smoke for 'no seen reason'

Recalled for throttle issues - VERY poor dealership service.

Electrical problems with power windows, radio, locking mechanisms, dashboard lights.

Car Alarm goes off without cause, and keeps going off until battery disconnected. No found cause.

Alignment problems unable to find source. Therefore, tires wear badly.

General Comments:

The car is cute, but do your research before you buy it.

I have had nothing, but poor service from the dealership, including when problems are under warranty, and not under warranty. More than one dealership was consulted.

The car is still cute, and doesn't handle too poorly. Very light, and catches in the wind at high speeds.

I have had the car less than seven months, and have nothing, but regret for it. Much preferred my '95 Cavalier with over 300 000kms. Good luck!

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Review Date: 7th January, 2008

21st Feb 2009, 16:35

You certainly got a lemon. I agree with your preference for domestic cars. All cars have problems, but I find domestic vehicles are easier to fix with common, cheap and more available parts. At least we'll fueling our economy.

2005 Pontiac Wave 5 door hatchback from North America




Window of back door on passenger side exploded for no reason while someone was in the back seat.

Suspension problems twice.

Brake issues.

Constantly making squealing or grinding noises that the mechanics "can't find"


General Comments:

This car is terrible in my opinion. It's been in the garage more than enough. The dealership is terrible to deal with also. They have been no help. The car is pretty good with gas, though my automatic civic was MUCH better. The car has NO power going up hill or if you have any more than two people in the car. I have told many people to avoid buying this car. It's not worth the money.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2007

11th Oct 2007, 10:27

I have had non-stop problems with my tires wearing out unevenly! I have had the car for two years now, and have had now installed (as of last night) my 4th complete set of brand new tires! This time BF Goodrich tires as the tires that came from the manufacturer were shot within 3 months, and each subsequent set didn't last much longer. I commute (on highway) to work everyday an hour each way - tires are important! It's been on the alignment rack twice and came back within scope, and the dealership has not been able to find out what the problem is yet... the struggle continues, thank god for tire warranties.

Other than that, it has not been a bad little car other than it is very light and the wind on the highway can rock it pretty badly.

Oh - almost forgot, I had to have the clock replaced after I had the car a couple months because every time I turned off the car it would reset to 12:00.