17th Oct 2007, 07:31

Bought my Wave in December 2004 (it's a '05) and was happy at first. Nothing but problems since then. I've had to take it in three times in the last four weeks. In addition to regular maintenance which included a whole cooling system service in the summer (this is standard for the Wave/Aveo once you hit 45,000 or 50,000 kms) that cost well over $500, I've had problems with the alarm system shorting out, the driver side windshield wiper doesn't lay flat against the windshield close to the hood (tried to replace the wiper blades several times), the brakes squeal and needed to be serviced because rocks get into them, and the car has been through two recalls (including having to have a sticker placed over the registration on the inside driver side door). I liked it at first, but am so unhappy with it. Poor gas mileage once you hit 105 km/hr, poor handling on the highway (don't pass transport trucks if you're nervous), squealing brakes when they're wet, uncomfortable seats in the automatic model and poor build overall. Sure it's cheap (although I heard that they reduced the base model price after I bought my car), but after having a sunfire for four years, I'd gladly spend the extra money and get a better model car.

21st Nov 2010, 19:09

My fiance and I bought an 05 Pontiac Wave 2 years ago with 25000km. About 15000 km later, our transmission fried due to small leak from oil pan, Shortly after the car encountered evap. system problems that as yet, no one can figure out.

At 70000km, the car fell out of alignment all of a sudden, and stripped both of my front tires to nothing in no time, and the ball joints nearly fell out (regular maintenance I understand). After about a month my bearings popped.

Fuel mileage is good as long as you stay under 90, and don't stop or speed up. After about 100km, it loses all power and you have to constantly down shift to make it up a smallish hill.

Bought the car for $6000, put in about $4500 worth of repairs. Wouldn't necessarily recommend this car for anyone, especially if you're on a budget.

17th Nov 2011, 19:11

I have the same problem with the clock resetting and the alarm going off periodically. My big question is... what happens when the timing belt goes? Does it ruin the motor?