1974 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow


Fantastic for $2.00 a pound!


Bought the car at auction from original owner. Hadn't been moved in 5 years.

Major electrical shorts: Brake lights, headlights, turn signals, interior lights, heat/AC controls.

Name a fluid and it was leaking it.

Needed Motor mounts. Brake Pads, Power window motor, trunk release & door rubber.

Local battery shop crossed polarity blew Original alternator and micro switches in transmission.

Working my way through the repairs most of which are due to age and not wear.

General Comments:

Remember the movie Christine the 1957 Plymouth sucks the life out its owner as it kills everyone who threatens it.

Not there yet and must say this is a fantastic automobile which is a pleasure to drive. However I'm constantly drawn to make it perfect instead of just enjoying it as a weekend driver.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2003

25th Oct 2006, 13:28

I know what you mean! Some years ago I owned a 1975 Silver Shadow that I purchased for a very good price in Los Angeles. It was beautiful and near perfect in terms of the LOOKS. Mechanically, that's another story. Before I sold it, 7 months later, I had invested 7-thousand dollars in repairs including: Brakes, Master Cyl., Water Pump, Transmission (Caught a break on this, it's built in the US! Not nearly as bad as I feared) and AC. Still, I loved the car and am currently looking into a 20000 series Silver Spur.

Like you my problem was the need for perfection. I thought I'd DIE when I learned from Beverly Hills Rolls Royce that my Spirit of Ecstasy was a fake! I immediately purchased a correct one! The car, even with the clunky tranny, was a great day-to-day driver and looked like a million dollars. The only items I absolutely HAD to repair were the brakes and the water pump. (It kept overheating) On my next Rolls, I'm looking into some kind of extended service contract!

13th Dec 2006, 16:56

If you want a 20000 series, I would worry more about the extended life contract if I were you.

24th Nov 2011, 01:55

I purchased a 1974 Shadow 1 for a limousine business my wife and I started several years ago. The vehicle was in good condition for its age and mileage (120,000 miles).

It was eye-catching in white with a gold Spirit of Ecstasy. Very popular with the brides.

The first genuine Rolls Royce annual service set me back an arm and a leg, and I realised then that if you want to own a Rolls Royce, you need to have a big bank balance or a kind bank manager.

Plenty of power, but although the steering was light for a heavy car; it seemed to float and wallow due to extremely soft suspension. Dropped oil, braked about as well as a freight train, and had a tendency to understeer into left hand corners; a problem I never did get solved.

We owned the Rolls for three years, and I must be honest, while it was nice to be seen in, I would far sooner drive my BMW. Maybe a new Rolls would be great, but if I had that money, I am afraid I would be looking at something more like a Ferrari.

1966 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow


Best luxury car value on the planet!


I purchased this car rather cheaply from an estate and the brakes went out during the trip home - the rubber hoses had deteriorated. I had the system inspected and overhauled at a local RR dealership for around $2000USD. The exhaust system is original and rusted, so I'm planning to replace that with a stainless steel version. The suspension components are very worn (springs, shock absorbers, etc).

General Comments:

My car is one of the earliest examples, from the first model year of the Silver Shadow. As everyone notes, the car is comfortable, elegant, and powerful - exactly as you would imagine a Rolls-Royce would be. Though people complain about the "remote" steering, I love the ease of driving the car. After a hard day at work, climbing into the Rolls gives me the feeling I'm already home, before I've even left the parking lot. I plan to keep the car a long time, and can't imagine a time I'll be too old to drive it. I'll admit that the handling is too vague and wallowing for my taste (I still have the Porsche, and my previous cars were sports cars), and when I replace my shocks and springs I'm going to stiffer examples used for later models than mine.

So far, the car has proved fairly easy to work on and maintenance has been reasonable for a car nearly my age. I've gradually worked through the various systems of the car and made replacements and updates where necessary, which has helped. After the suspension work, my final project will be converting the AC to r134a.

I would recommend that someone interested in a Shadow look at the Silver Spirit/Spur cars first - they have more understated styling, but mechanically they are much improved in a lot of areas, and prices are similar. Get a Shadow only if you specifically want a Shadow, and not simply to own a Rolls-Royce.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2003

31st Oct 2005, 18:24

I tried to convert to a R134 system on my 1969 Silver Shadow and it didn't work. Changed everything, but the controls on the dash. Eventually I changed it all back. It hard as heck to find R12... but it at least it works.