9000 CD 16v DOHC turbo

Fast, comfortable, sexy haha

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9000 CD Turbo 16V 2.0L turbo petrol

Very good car

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9000 Hatchback turbo

One of the most perfect and versatile automotive designs ever

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9000 Turbo 2.0 turbo

Wish it was American so I could understand whats going on inside.. (electrically nightmarish)

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9000 S

Among the best luxury cars in the 80's

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9000 CD 2.0 turbo

A great car for the money.

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9000 CE 2.0 turbo


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9000 2.0 turbo

Worst car!!!

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9000 Turbo Talladega 2.3 turbo

Worth the money for the performance and style

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9000 S 2.0 non-turbo

Can't get a better car for the money

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It was a steal when I got it for 2k at the auction, it is a nice luxury car but gets old

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