31st Jan 2007, 16:15

No you're wrong. They are the worst car out there. I don't know why anybody would buy one. Every one I know who has had one had so many problems and ended up getting rid of them. I now drive a 95 Volkswagen Jetta GLS and it's so much better than that hunk of junk. The Saab 9000 is the worst car out there and they are too much money, so there.

26th Jan 2009, 16:24

Wow, who could say that it's small or cramped or whatever the first guy was saying? Unless you're used to a huge American luxury car, the size of the Saab 9000's interior is noticeably larger, roomier and more comfortable than most of its competition (BMW 5 and 7 series, Audi, and some Mercedes models).

If your car is crap then it's crap, but that's the previous owner's fault, not the car design's fault.

Saab's are one of the most (if not THE definite most) well built and well engineered vehicles made. Especially these ones that were made back when Saab was 100% Saab, not 30% GM design/parts like later models.

Buy a used Pinto that's been babied and it will last you 20 years. Buy a used Land Cruiser that's been badly abused and has reached end of life in many ways and you'll get a piece of junk.

Who cares who made it - buy a good condition car if you want to judge the car model as a whole.


1st Aug 2014, 13:42

I disagree completely with you, about your comments on Saab cars and the company itself. Saab is in my opinion the worst European manufactured car that was ever built. Many auto review magazines and journalists gave Saab glowing reviews. Those reviews I believe were bought and paid for; not earned honestly.

Saab liked to present itself as some kind of upscale European automobile to the American market; it isn't. If Saab were still in business today, most of their cars for the last 30 years would be recalled today.

Another thing Saab would do in promoting themselves, is reference their aviation (airplanes) business. Look, knowing what I know now about the quality of Saab manufactured products; I would not set foot on a Saab manufactured airplane, nor ever again ride in or purchase one of their cars.

The Chinese were absolutely correct in their decision not to purchase Saab. A decision I believe they have never regretted.