LS 2 3.0 V6

It's no wonder Saturn went out of business

626 words, 2 comments

LS LS1 4 cylinder

Has been very reliable

166 words


Waste of money!

49 words

LS 1 2.2L gas engine

It's been fun and reliable

176 words


A great economy car

50 words

LS LS2 3.0L V6

Stay away from Saturn unless you want to go bankrupt paying for repairs

555 words, 1 comment


Avoid cars made by Saturn, and stick with Honda or Toyota!!

198 words


Very good basic transport with perks (loaded). The V6 is great as well!

74 words

LS 2

Never Buy a Saturn

309 words

LS ls2 V6

Move on

90 words

LS 200 6 cylinder

Poorly designed vehicle, don't buy one

41 words

LS LS1 2.2 4 cylinder

Decent car with a peppy 4 cylinder engine

89 words

LS 1

46 words


I would buy this car again

35 words


Overall it's a great car and I'm highly satisfied

61 words

LS LS2 3.0 DOHC V6

Don't buy it!!!

142 words

LS 3.0 DOHC V6

Very disappointed in saturn will never buy another one

70 words

LS 4 cylinder

71 words

LS LS2 V-6 3.0 Liter V6

Great car, if you can put up with the Jekyll and Hyde personality

143 words


223 words, 1 comment

LS LS1 2.2

Time will tell

252 words, 1 comment


Well it's up for sale!

141 words, 58 comments

LS LS1 2.2 liter 4 banger

Cheap, reliable transportation

207 words, 1 comment

LS 2.2

This car is a time bomb just waiting to leave you stranded

63 words, 1 comment

LS LS1 2.2 4 cylinder

Stands up well to hard driving

154 words


I love new Saturns/won't buy a used one again

256 words, 56 comments

LS LS2 3.0 Liter V6

A mixed bag, but worth a look

132 words

LS 4 cylinder

If not a lemon, this car is a liability.

231 words, 1 comment


178 words, 41 comments

LS 2.2L

Overall good, parts and service too pricey

153 words

LS LS1 4 cylinder

Low cost--high dependability!

145 words

LS ls2 V6

One model to stay away from

269 words, 50 comments


LS Saturn

Poor, would not buy another one

50 words


I will never buy Saturn again!

33 words


A reliable, inexpensive car I'm very happy with

203 words