6th Nov 2013, 11:52

It is the catalytic converter.

14th Apr 2014, 13:52

OK... this is an update to the comment I made back in Dec 2012 about having had to replace the PCM transmission sensor and the coil pack. Have not had any problems since, except that the EGR valve over time broke completely off the engine where it rests, and this caused the car to stall. I had been having an issue for months and never opened the hood. Anyways... duck tape and a length of wire, and she has been back in business ever since.

I bought this car for 2K back in Mar 2012 and have been beating the crap out of it ever since. Except for the above mentioned repairs... nothing has really gone wrong. I haven't even topped up the oil for 6 months. (I don't believe in oil changes). It's a decent car for the $75/month it has cost me so far!

11th Jul 2015, 08:50

It's your catalytic converter needs replaced. 300 bucks is most it could be. I've had to fix 7 just this year, same problem as yours.

17th Aug 2015, 01:14

I have a 2003 Saturn L300 I just bought with 135,000 miles. I bought it from a dealer "as is". Well a couple of days after I bought it, I took it to Midas to get a price on an exhaust leak. Instead they found a faulty valve cover gasket and oil pan. The dealer volunteered to fix this, although he didn't have to. I got the car back after the repair and it is now hard shifting. It didn't do this before. The dealer went through it today and cleaned up all the spilled oil. He also cleaned the MAF sensor. Thanks to this board. And still the tranny was shifting hard and the SES light came on again tonight. We then disconnected the MAF sensor for a short period of time. And now I cannot get the car to hard shift again, neither does the SES light come back on. I am assuming that my problem is the MAF sensor and that it needs to be replaced not just cleaned. Or it's now miraculously fixed after reconnecting it. The car had no trouble with hard shifting before the repair. Could this be something else they did?