Legacy SW 2.2L Non-turbo

The car is a very good highway car

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Legacy L Wagon 2.2 H4 turbo


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VERY unreliable and a pain to fix

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Legacy L AWD 2.2 Liter (EJ22)

The Legacy is an extremely well engineered and very reliable car.

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Legacy GT 2.0 turbo


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Legacy L AWD turbo

As far as the other high mileage 91's, I seem to have a lemon.

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Legacy L 2.2

Keeps going like an Energizer Bunny

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Legacy L 4WD 2.2L

A keeper if you can find one!

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Legacy 2.2 turbo

Excellent buy

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Legacy L 2.2 gasoline 4 cylinder

Best car I ever had

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Legacy L 2.2 L

A quality car that won't leave you stranded

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Legacy L 2.2

Excellent value and dependability flourish throughout the car

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Legacy LSi

Worth its weight in gold!!

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