Loyale 1.8

So far... soooo good

207 words

Loyale 4-door sedan 1.8

Great car to have for basic transportation

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I love this car! :)

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Loyale 1.8

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Loyale Front Wheel Drive Wagon 1.8

It just keeps ticking, Literally

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If I could find a good used one with low miles or a new engine, I'd buy it

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Loyale 1.8L SPFI

Built like a tank and about as fast as one

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Loyale 1.8

Cheap, reliable and totally lovable

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Loyale Station Wagon 1.8 litre

A great value and a dependable ride

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Loyale 1.8 Fuel Injection

If you want a car that is durable, sporty, and fast then Subaru is the best choice

91 words


Fantastic if you find a good one

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Loyale Wagon 1.8

I'll ride it til it dies then get another Subaru

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Loyale 1.8

I love this slow station wagon

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A great, dependable, roomy and comfortable station wagon!

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Loyale 2WD 1.8

Great First Car

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Loyale 1.8 inj

VERY VERY bad car!!!

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Loyale 4WD Station Wagon 1.8 4 cylinder. boxer type

Greatest bargain 4WD

102 words


Once you go hatch, you never go back

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Loyale 4WD 1.8 L V4

This is a good 4WD winter beat-the-crap-out-of car

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Loyale 1.8L

A good winter grocery getter

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Loyale 1.8L gas

Reliable transportation that is tough to beat

109 words

Loyale L 4 CYL

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