SVX ZX3 3.3

Ahead of its time and very reliable

207 words

SVX L 3.3

This car should be in the Impreza's place!!!

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SVX LSi 3.3 Boxer

Remarkable car

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SVX LSi EG33 3.3 litre24-valve 6-cylinder horizontally opp

A satisfying combination of a road-worthy grand touring coupe with unmatched quality and reliability

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SVX LS 3.3 liter 6 cylinder

Good car

44 words

SVX LS 3.3 H-6

Good bang for your buck

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SVX 3.3 liter 4 cam

Great high performance luxury sports coupe

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SVX LSi 3.3

Somewhat like a 88 Jaguar. Beautiful and when it runs, a delight. But own a second vehicle

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