2010 Suzuki Kizashi GTS 2.4


Best car for the money


Only problem I had so far is the ESP light was on occasionally when I hit the brakes. The dealer said it was a faulty brake sensor, took care of it, and it has never happened since.

General Comments:

Nothing is perfect. Let's start with those things that are at a disadvantage in comparison to other potential alternatives:

1. The gas mileage is mediocre. The EPA on my model (GTS FWD) is 23 to 30 mpg. I drive mostly mountain highway (ups and downs) and it gets 31 mpg. I drove a Camry recently and believe it's better (33~34 mpg).

2. It's not "capacious". I believe its size is between a Camry and Corolla, especially the rear leg room. If you are 6'2" and sit behind the driver, it won't be as comfortable as, say, sitting in a Taurus. But it's not punishingly small either. Imagine yourself in the backseat of a Jetta or Passat.

3. The dealer is 30 miles away, and they have only one Suzuki mechanic. It's a long day, even for a simple oil change.

4. CVT needs some time to get used to, especially in the 40 mph zone. But it's the same as other CVT models like the Prius.

5. The future of Suzuki is uncertain. They definitely did not do a good job at marketing. The resale value is thus unpredictable.

6. Long-term reliability is unknown, since I only have 5000 miles on it.

Now the good things about this car:

1. Best car for the money. Every model of this car is quite loaded with features compared to the base models of other cars. (sunroof, Bluetooth, duel temperature, power seat, 18" alloy wheels, Rockford stereo to name a few that are in the "standard" package" that comes with my model). A similar featured Camry or Accord will cost thousands more. And since not many people buy this car, you can get a real sweet deal out of it. I bought it at the end of 2010, and the price was 3.5k below MSRP and 2k below invoice.

2. Very smooth ride due to excellent suspension and 18" alloy wheels. Even the very base "S" model has 17" alloy wheels.

3. Very quiet ride. I can't hear anything from the engine except when it's accelerating really hard. No engine noise even with full AC.

4. Most comfortable seat I have ever had. It can be adjusted so many ways, and the seat material is so nice, that I have absolutely no backache after long distance drives anymore.

5. One of the best handling cars. You are definitely in control sitting behind that steering wheel.

6. All models are available in AWD, in case you live in the snowbelt.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2011

2011 Suzuki Kizashi SE 2.4 Direct injection


To be or not to be a great car... only time will tell!


God willing, nothing!

General Comments:

This car is very composed and is fairly quiet. The interior is very good, probably one of the best, for the money you will get everything you could want, with the down-side of less room than most others, and not exactly a powerhouse! That said, it is worth a look.

I have gotten thus far great mileage (30-36mpg) doing 60 on a hilly and windy road. The CVT transmission is very smooth, and gives a very direct feel to it, much like a manual. I have found myself doing 70 in a 55 because it has such a quiet and composed character to it. If you do not have the average of 2.5 kids, let's say 1.5, you shouldn't miss the room, so the only downside truly is long term reliability; it is very early, so there is no history.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2011

29th Aug 2011, 11:07

I am checking in now with 10k on her, and still drives great. Gas mileage is good; 26 at the worst. I drive a lot in rural parts, so that props up my average, but for my driving it does perfectly.

I had a 08 4 cylinder Malibu, and it got between 23-27; that's with driving at the limit. This car gets 26-30 doing five to ten over the limit. Even at 80 mph, it would pull 2k on the tach unless you are going up a hill of course!

Anyway, she has done very well, and has been one of the most comfortable cars I have ever been in. The only real downside for anyone buying it is size, name (resale), and not a lot of history on it as far as reliability is concerned.