28th Dec 2012, 20:47

Do you have any update? I just purchased a Kizashi 2011...

9th Feb 2015, 18:10

Yeah, still no problems and I have 63K on it. I have even backed into a ditch and she clawed her way out with no mechanical issues afterwards. It has to be the best well rounded car I have ever had. It has seen snows bad enough to curb pick-ups, and has handled them rather easy.

18th Dec 2015, 16:30

Nearing 80K and I have done more driving than I would have ever thought. I work on aircraft and have moved a lot over the last few years. I used to drive from Missouri to central Kentucky on holidays; that was an 8 hour drive. Then I moved to Eastern PA and that was a 12 hour drive. Now I am in Ohio and it is around 4 hours. So the car has done a lot of driving and has never broken down.

The only thing is the battery started boiling over, but that was an easy fix.

There is a sound occasionally during take off, but nothing seems wrong power delivery wise.

The transmissions is the same as used by the Altima. I believe those haven't been the most reliable, and if anything would be the weak link. Otherwise I really love this odd little car. It is not very powerful or sporty, but it is or was more so than a lot of the competition at the time. It doesn't excel at any one thing; it just does many things good enough to make you happy.

I have put it in a ditch and it clawed its way out. I have driven in snow that had left many SUVs and trucks stranded.

It does great on long trips. The transmission is seamless during trips. The seats are really comfortable. It gets decent mileage, although that bar has risen lately.

To sum it up, many people missed out on a great car and probably overpaid for something worse.

28th Mar 2018, 00:20

Checking in with 110,000 miles on it. Only problem is it eats bulbs. I have replaced enough 6 or so low beam bulbs. The design is irritating to just change a bulb.

I guess though that's pretty good considering everything else works fine.

28th Mar 2018, 08:04

Are they by chance H7 bulbs? If they are, it isn't the only car which blows bulbs. I owned a 96 Audi A4, a Mitsubishi Galant V6, and now a BMW 316TI; all have been blowing H7 headlamp bulbs every so often.

10th Jun 2018, 19:17

Yeah I think. I have bought the best ones and used that gel also. It's just a stupid design to change the bulb. You have to pull the front off for the driver's side. Still for nearly 120K that is not a huge problem.

29th Nov 2019, 01:21

Checking in at 137k miles. I just gave it to my mom after getting a truck, but for a year I drove out of state and back for work.