1987 Toyota Camry LE 2.0 16v


You get what you pay for when you only pay $400


Lots of suspension, tire, and brake problems.

Water pump.


Freeze plug.


General Comments:

I bought the thing for $400 after my Escort of 8 years threw a rod. The car runs and drives good, despite the issues with the suspension, going through tires, and the brake problems. It costs way more than the car is worth to fix, so I'm just going to let it drive until it gives out.

It eats a little oil between long trips (example: from Los Angeles to Las Vegas).

I have had to put a lot of tires on it.

Oh, and pretty much the whole cooling system has been repaired by yours truly.

The one good thing I can say about the car is it has always started no matter what. Something my Ford prior to this car could not accomplish.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2013

20th Sep 2013, 07:11

Less than 14K miles and you "have had to put a lot of tires on it"?

Do you use "preowned" tires also?

20th Sep 2013, 09:16

Maybe 4 is "a lot?"

20th Sep 2013, 13:00

Sounds like the car is badly out of alignment. If you haven't had an alignment, it might be worth taking it in and having someone take a look.

13th Jun 2015, 01:58

You can not expect a motor vehicle of 26 years old to drive you about like a new vehicle; you have to spend money on it, like replace parts that the previous owners never did.

Mine has costs me 2,800 so far, and that is not allowing for new tires - four Bridgestones, $225 on a buy four and pay for three.

I wish I'd never started spending any money on it, as my Daewoo Espero 1996 is far bigger to sit in and drives better. Less trouble. Also the Daewoo is an auto, so no clutch problems.

Maintain your vehicle and it will do you well. I bought this Camry as parts should be cheaper; not in Victoria Australia, where every man and his dog is robbing the next person who needs help.


13th Jun 2015, 21:17

I put new tires on my vehicles by age, not by miles. I just put a new set of Michelins on my truck that had only 8000 miles on them in 6 years. Dry rot was evident. That's dangerous.

1987 Toyota Camry Station Wagon 2.0 liter 4


Useful and quite reliable


I replaced the timing belt, front axles and bearings. Radiator, front brakes.

I should have replaced the struts, shocks, muffler and oil pan. It needs all these and a clutch. I am done with it.

General Comments:

Reliable, efficient, comfortable for me, but not my wife. I bought the car for $700, put almost 60,000 miles on it, probably put $250 worth of parts into it, and 12 hours of labor. It was everything I hoped it would be.

It will be recycled next week for $180 of metal.

Averaged 29 MPG.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2012

28th Apr 2012, 13:43

You should get well over $400 for the Camry, given today's prices.

Consider offering it for $500 on Craigslist. I'm sure someone in that line of trade will pick it up. Oh, and feel free to visit The Truth About Cars whenever you like. I'm Steven Lang (Google my name and cars).

All the best!

1987 Toyota Camry LE Sedan 2.0


Realiable and great car for local and occasional out of town driving


Had to get the front left brake pad replaced, and bled all four. The brakes were fine afterwards.

Had to replace the accelerator. Around $28.

Had to replace the rear brake lights.

Takes a few tries to start the car, but no big deal.

Steering wheel or something sounds "rusty" when turning. No big deal though either.

Transmission leak. I put some trans. fluid in to replace the lost fluid, and fill it back up every day or two days, depending on where I'm going.

Need to replace the headlight bulbs.

Cruise control doesn't work.

The light that switches to tell you what gear you're in by the steering wheel, doesn't work in drive and neutral sometimes.

The interior roof lights need replacing nearest the front window.

The drivers side audio speaker isn't working, and the front passengers buzzes.

The rear right door doesn't open.

Whenever I lock either front doors and shut them, the lock pops back up so I have to lock the front passengers from the inside, then close the driver's door, then lock it using my key.

Need to replace the exhaust, air filter, spark plugs, and wires.

Need to get the transmission fluid changed.

Paint job. The hood is in bad condition and the rear is next, but the rest of the car isn't that rusted at all.

Lastly, I don't know exactly how much gas I have, because the needle goes up and down a little sometimes.

General Comments:

This a really reliable vehicle, and it's hard to believe it's almost 24 years old.

The engine is in great condition, and it barely uses up any fluids besides the transmission fluid as earlier stated.

Gas mileage is great (just wish I knew exactly how much I would have). When the needle gets right on "E", it can go another 15 miles or more depending on the speed and way it's driven (if it's good).

Acceleration is OK, but that's what's expected from an older model.

Braking is good but just requires a little more firm press; again, expected from an older model.

OD function still works properly. Shifting gears feels a little sloppy, but I can live with it.

Interior is great for its age; there's only some fading on the driver's seat, and a little on the passenger's, and that's about it.

The body is only rusted badly on the hood and a little on the rear, but the rest is in good condition for its age.

Overall, with a little work, it can be back in top condition, but be warned, take good care of it.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2010

4th May 2010, 21:44

Try holding the handles up when you lock the front doors. That's how older car's locks work.

1st Jun 2014, 11:21

At that age it would be a handyman's car at best, which means every so often you go over the car and fix the little things, and it stays in good stead. Like most vehicles of that era, if you do not do the little repairs, they become big repairs after a while too long.

My CSX SV21 is like new, but I am still looking at paying 1,300 to replace a few worn parts. It started on the 8th turn after sitting at the mechanic's for over a year with old fuel still in it. But when you buy a vehicle of that age, you're paying for repairs not carried out by the previous owner; name and shame him whenever you can, and enjoy the great motor that will not die.