1991 Toyota Previa reviews from North America

Previa LE AWD 2.4L 2TZ-FE 14

Masterfully engineered

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Previa LE

A Van of Quality and Reliability that all other companies wish they could come close to

Previa LE 2.4 liter 16v 4 cylinder

Great, extremely reliable, indestructible and incredibly practical

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Previa LX 2.0 Gasoline

Dependable and long lasting

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The reliability and overall design of this vehicle is fantastic

Previa DLX 4 cylinder

No worry, hassle free transportation

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Previa LE 2.4 litre - 4 cylinder

Probably the most stable, roomy minivan on the market. BRING IT BACK TO THE U.S.!!!

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Previa DLX 4 cylinder

Best used car I ever bought

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A good van

Previa LE 4 cylinder gas

A good van overall

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Previa LE 2.4L

The Previa is the King of Hill when it comes to vans

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Previa LE

Previa DLX 2.4

Highly Recommended!!!

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Previa LE 2.4 gas

Reliable and high quality

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Previa LE 2.4 gas

Highly, highly recommended

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