1991 Toyota Previa LE AWD 2.4L 2TZ-FE 14 from North America


Masterfully engineered


Steering stabilizer was knocking a little. Replaced at 290,000.

General Comments:

I bemoan the day when I will have to give up my Previa LE AWD. I have never driven another vehicle built in the early 90's that has the options, reliability, comfort and feel that this van has.

The automatic AWD functions flawlessly without any buttons to push or levers to pull. It has a viscous coupling, which is a sealed mechanical unit that will never need servicing. Upon any slippage over 6% (accounting for turning radius percentages), the viscous coupling locks the wheels and puts the power where the traction is, unlike other 4WD vehicles where the wheel with the least traction gets all the power (which does not make sense!). With all-season tires, we can literally push snow with our front bumper and not spin the tires.

The ABS works perfectly, as it should.

Our van has the captain's seats in the middle, and with the 50/50 split rear seat, the versatility for various configurations for people hauling is superb. Also, 6 out of 7 seats have shoulder seat belts!

Under the hood are just a couple simple things: air filter, battery, air intake, coolant, oil reservoir and windshield fluid. What is very cool about the oil reservoir is that the 3 litres of oil can be automatically pumped into the engine if the oil gets low. There is no switch for this function... it just happens if it needs to. Because the oil dip stick is under the driver's seat, Toyota (I'm assuming) figured that people would not check the oil level regularly. Therefore, Toyota put a reservoir under the hood so you could know if the level was down that the van is/was burning/leaking oil. Brilliant. No filthy dip sticks and extra oil on demand!

The view from the driver's seat is high and wide. Great visibility and virtually no blind spots.

The dual A/C (front and rear) works wonderfully.

The fridge/freezer is very handy on long trips to keep drinks cold.

Even though the engine is only a 4-cylinder, it does the job. We have towed a tent trailer behind it through the Rocky Mountains, and were only ever passed on steep hills with four lanes.

Handling is tight as the mid-engine gives the footprint a low center of gravity, which allows for great road feel and stability.

This van (at least mine anyways) is a testament to the astounding quality that Toyota is known for.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2010

11th Feb 2011, 15:03

Sounds like we have the same van! Our '91 is currently at 360,000 km's and runs like a top.

The LE model with fridge/ice cube tray is great for long trips.

Outside of regular maintenance, this van is bullet proof.

These are apparently prone to head gasket issues, but outside of replacing the valve gaskets ($100), we haven't touched the engine.

I've owned Toyota Landcruisers that couldn't go where I've gone in the snow with my van... it's unstoppable!

21st Jan 2012, 23:57

What an amazing car.

1991 Toyota Previa LE from North America


A Van of Quality and Reliability that all other companies wish they could come close to


Alternator failed at 300,000km I blame myself I am running a Dual Battery System I caused excessive load from Constant Charging.

Heater Fan Switch failed at 375,000km.

General Comments:

This Van is the best thing that ever happened to me as far as a vehicle goes. I have done nothing, but bare essential maintenance on this Vehicle. Although I do religiously Change the Oil at 4000 Km with a good brand of oil. Between oil changes it does not burn any at all. I have never added any oil to that reservoir system either. I don't even know if it works. The Quality of the seat material is great. with a shampoo these seats would clean right up. I have just purchased a 1995 Previa and I am sure I will get the same long life out of it too. the only reason I am getting rid of my old one is because I let the body go and its looking rough. The rest is running great. This is OK since I am going to Rape my old one for parts over time a lot of the same parts appear to be on the newer one.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2006