1991 Toyota Previa DLX 4 cylinder from North America


Best used car I ever bought


The drivers door lock needed replacing. Only needed a 10 cent spring to fix!

Valve cover gasket leaked oil. Cheap fix.

Transmission shifts in and out of overdrive at about 45 miles per hour.

General Comments:

This van is a great family car. It is extremely reliable and dependable.

I am amazed at how little money I have spent to keep this vehicle maintained.

I am amazed at how many miles this vehicle has and continues to add.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2004

1991 Toyota Previa from North America


A good van


Transmission will not downshift after 40 mile/hr in winter, which makes driving very noisy. Do not know the problem yet. Anyone has a comment?

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Review Date: 6th October, 2003

2nd May 2004, 09:14

Yes, that problem is prevalent in the older Toyotas. I have a 1991 Previa and in when the engine is below a certain temperature, it will NOT shift out of 1st into 2nd until the engine's temperature reaches a certain degree.

I also had a 1988 Camry that exhibited the same problem. I suspect it is a Toyota issue though.

24th Feb 2005, 10:46

Replace the thermostat and it should correct the shifting issue. Allow the vehicle to run 30 seconds after start.

20th Jan 2010, 03:24

I think you will still find the phenomenon occurs even with a perfect thermostat. Transmission will not UPSHIFT to overdrive below a certain ambient temperature. This goes for the SV21 Camry as well. This is to prevent excessive pollution caused by the cold engine's inefficient combustion at relatively (lower) revs. In theory, anyway.

1991 Toyota Previa LE 4 cylinder gas from North America


A good van overall


Freeze plugs rusted and coolant got into the oil-had to replace the motor.

Starter brass wore out.

High resistance on automatic transmission-dealer recommends replace transmission.

Plugged cooling system-dealer recommends to replace radiator.

Air conditioning system seals started leaking.

General Comments:

Despite all the problems this van is still in great shape-structural and body wise.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2002

26th Mar 2006, 01:14

Rusted freeze plugs does not cause antifreeze to enter into the crancase oil.

1st May 2009, 00:38

I agree, the freeze plugs are there just in case the coolant freezes, then they pop out and the engine block is spared from splitting open, by letting the coolant escape.

Sounds like they got some "special service" at the Toyota Stealership, billed for a whole new engine from a coolant leak. (But, if the engine did overheat too badly when the coolant leaked out, it could damage it severely, so maybe it really did need a new engine, just not from coolant in the oil exactly)

1991 Toyota Previa LE 2.4L from North America


The Previa is the King of Hill when it comes to vans


Rear axle seal at 320,000 KM.

Alternator at 280,000 KM.

Radio at 220,000 KM.

General Comments:

No matter how much neglect this vehicle gets, it just does not want to break down. The Previa received a fresh set of spark plugs at 260,000 KM. I drove for a month on only 3 cylinders prior. I'll go 20,000 KM before an oil change.

Other than general maintenance expenses, this has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Typically I never have owned a vehicle for more than 3 years. The Previa was the first foreign car I purchased.

I've had this vehicle for 12 years now and my goal is to get a half million KMs on it before I buy my next Toyota.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2002

1991 Toyota Previa LE from North America


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

The Toyota Previa is by far the best car I have ever owned. The van handles very nice at all speeds.

The interior is excellent.

Very good on gas.

I have 218000 miles on my van, and live in Alaska, and I wouldn't think twice about driving it all the way to Florida. I know it would make it, and then I would turn around and drive it back again. Anybody who has a Previa will tell you the same thing, they are very reliable.

Last comment!!!

Why is it that when automotive companies like Toyota build a excellent van like the Previa, they have to stop making them and move on to something else like the Sienna; to me that was a bad business decision on the company's part.

Bring back the Previa!!!

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Review Date: 8th August, 2002

22nd Sep 2002, 14:03

Well I am reading that most Previa owners are complaining, that the Previa is not manufactured anymore. This is wrong; the Previa is still on the market.

It has about the same size as the previous one. All people in North America should complain to Toyota, and ask why they do not import them anymore. I love the new one.