23rd Nov 2003, 08:56

I was in Hong-Kong earlier this year and saw both the current Previa and its smaller cousin, the Estima. This latest Previa would fit the N. American market just perfect. It is about the same size as the original Previa, but the sheet metal and interior are "modern" and look expensive. Toyota could probably put a Lexus badge on it and sell ship-loads of this Previa in the States.

For those tree-huggers agmonst us, a turbo-diesel is also available that you could cruise all day at 90 mph and still gets 30 mpg! Simply amazing!

Let's write Toyota USA and express our dis-satisfaction that such a jewel is not available here.

20th Jan 2004, 13:44

I have a '91 previa, LE, with 180K miles. I would not trade it for an Odyssey. It is very well built, excellent car, interior and exterior. Toyota did a great job with this car.


27th Jul 2004, 22:53

I just purchased a 1991 Toyota Previa LE and am impressed about its interior and handling. It is a giant amongst the Minivans and is most comfortable. Its our hold the family and friends van and let go have a good time anywhere.


27th Aug 2004, 12:50

I bought our family's Previa on May 28, 1990. It had just been introduced to the U.S. market and I knew it was the vehicle for my family the second I saw it! (I shiver thinking that I almost bought something else just weeks before, but kept "putting it off" because something told me to wait.) The automotive press praised the Previa. (Of course a few couldn't get used to its looks.) Well, after hauling around a family of five and a mother-in-law in our Previa for 14 years, I can honestly say that I doubt I'll ever own another vehicle as great as this one. Please let it last forever! Come on, Toyota, wake up bring it back! The Sienna is okay... but many steps behind the Previa!

6th Dec 2004, 07:21

I was just reading the comments on the Previas people have owned. I too bought my 1991 Previa LE new in July, 1991. It has almost 248,000 miles and runs great. I just had new struts and shocks put on it this past weekend. I was not aware that Toyota made the Previa any more. I went to the German site and saw what the new one looked like. Man o man I loved it! I was disappointed in the Sienna so never went that route. The new Sienna (2004-2005) is pretty nice, but it'll never match the Previa! Listen up Toyota! Bring back the Previa to the States!

1st Nov 2006, 13:42

One reason why the Previa (and the "van" from the 1980s) was not a commercially successful vehicle in the U.S., was due to the MR layout of having the engine mounted under the driver's seat. This design usually will not allow a engine to be larger than 4-cylinders. American manufacturers in the early 90s offered 6-cylinder vans.

Today's Japanese Previa (Estima) is absolutely beautiful. It's very well designed and it's now available as a hybrid. It appears that the engine is now mounted in the front. If they could market the hybrid version of the Estima in the US, it would probably sell under the Lexus badge quite well.

The other problem with the old Previa was the lack of safety features. I think it was a brilliant design for its time and even for today. However, it was a death trap, and that feature does not sell well as a family vehicle. Check out the crash test video of the 90s American Previa here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Bnt5DHnp31I

11th Jun 2007, 13:57

I looked at the youtube video. The cab where the passengers are, stays completely in tacked. It is not a death-trap. I would rather be in the Previa in an accident, than a Caravan, or any other American minivan. Don't believe me, look at a 90s Caravan tests; the whole cab collapses, crushing the driver and front passenger.

The real reason why Toyota stopped the production of this jewel, is because it was costing too much to produce. The new Sienna, front wheel drive, is a lot cheaper to produce, and sells for the same money that the Previa did.