Previa DX 1.4

The best minivan

27 words

Previa LE

The funnest, most reliable and long-lasting ride out there!

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Previa LE S/C 2.4L supercharged

Rugged Reliability: "A True Toyota Hallmark"

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Previa LE 2.4L

This is a magic van that lasts for a long time

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Previa LE S/C All-trac 2.4 liter

Strongly recommend this great minivan and wish Toyota still made this model

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Previa LE 2.4L I4 Naturally Aspirated

Previas are strong well built machines that can hold a ton of goodies or people

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Previa DX 2.1 gasoline

Excellent people mover at a bargain price

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Previa LX 2.4

Don't even consider another minivan

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Previa DX

I'd buy another one in a heartbeat!

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