1994 Toyota Previa LE 2.4L from North America


This is a magic van that lasts for a long time


The condition of the van when I bought it:

Leaking distributor O-ring, number 1 Valve Cover, and oil pan.

Rough idle.

Jerking transmission was noticed when the van came to a near stop.

Gear pattern illumination was out.

Sliding door didn't close properly.

General Comments:

This van is like a person who recovers from sickness when receives proper care.

After I bought a repair manual and went through routine maintenance (which any backyard mechanic can do) :

Oil change 100 mile and 500 mile to clean the engine (without using any engine flush) ; 100 mile and 500 mile transmission fluid change to clean the automatic transmission.

Distributor O-ring and oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket were ordered from Kragen and put on.

Last X'mas we made a round trip from San Francisco to San Diego with four people and stuff on the van. Our lovely Previa averaged 23MPG highway/city and didn't lose a drop of oil or coolant. The engine and the transmission are now in perfect condition, smooth and dry like new.

I believe that if we don't abuse, this quality built machine will last very long.

Last week we bought a 95 LE S/C Previa with 145000 miles and this one runs like a champ, I would say even better than our 2000 Sienna with 88000 miles, probably due to mid-engine design. The torque by the supercharger is very noticeable when power is needed, but I am usually very gentle on the accelerator.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2008

18th Jul 2009, 20:43

Drive this 15 year old van with confidence:

Within the past two months, this van made one 1500 mile round trip and six 650 mile round trips. Highway mpg was 23 with A/C on at noon, running time between rest areas was three hours minimum, six hours maximum. No sign of any fluid leaks.

NOT a fast van, especially when this doesn't has supercharger. It takes "forever" to get up to 65 mph, but reliability is what I need for long trips with my family.

1994 Toyota Previa LE S/C All-trac 2.4 liter from North America


Strongly recommend this great minivan and wish Toyota still made this model


We have had to do routine maintenance. I did have to replace the head (it was cracked when we purchased it). Replaced one front axle.

General Comments:

I love my Previa. I had previously owned a 1991 model, but decided I needed the All-trac version as we live in a mountainous area. (Prior to that I had a 4Runner - not a lot of room for hauling kids and dogs).

I love how the rear seats fold up against the windows for maximum cargo space. My Previa has the 4 captains chairs, so I don't take the middle seats out. The van handles great for its size. The leather seats are ultra comfortable on long trips. I have had to do some repair work to it, but when I look at the cost to either maintain this one or buy a new van that I will not enjoy as much, I go with maintenance.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

1994 Toyota Previa LE 2.4L I4 Naturally Aspirated from North America


Previas are strong well built machines that can hold a ton of goodies or people


The power lock switch does not function.

The oxygen sensors (there are two) have both failed, causing the "check engine" light to illuminate.

Both upper ball joints have failed.

General Comments:

With as many miles as this vehicle has, I'm not surprised that there are a few issues here and there. The engine pulls strong and the transmission shifts well. The size of the cargo area and convenience of the rear seats attracted me to this model. The mid row bench seat has to be removed like most other mini vans, but the back seats fold down and out to the sides against the window. This is very simple to use, unlike other mini vans. Once the mid bench and back seats are out of the way, the inside is like a black hole; it swallows anything near it! I was able to stuff a small refrigerator AND a stove into this van and I was still able to close the door. If you own a home or small business of your own, there is nothing better than the convenience and versatility of the Previa.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2005