1994 Toyota Previa DX 1.4 from North America


The best minivan


Drive line to fan replaced at ~80,000 miles.

Master brake cylinder - 142,000 miles.

General Comments:

Best vehicle I've ever owned (50 years experience).

Comfortable ride, good hauling capacity.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2012

1994 Toyota Previa LE from North America


The funnest, most reliable and long-lasting ride out there!

General Comments:

Based on an initial gut feeling, and after reading many customer reviews, I purchased my 1994 Previa LE for $1200 with known issues from its original owner: high miles (242K), A/C needed recharged, struts and shocks were soft and it BADLY needed new tires. I also found shortly after purchase that there were three separate oil leaks, one of which was dripping onto the exhaust causing a burning smell. The muffler also had a hole in it, causing my minivan to sound more like a space shuttle taking off at a stop sign than a van.

I was a bit worried out on the road those first few days, wondering if I'd gotten in over my head and maybe purchased a vehicle that was too far gone to be reliable, despite the low initial investment, but this van is the *BEST* purchase I've ever made, and by far my favorite of all the vehicles I've ever owned (and my last one was 2007 Mazda3). Here I am, four months later... and TOTALLY in love with my Previa! You might even call me preoccupied or mildly obsessed - I can't wait to wake up in the morning to drive my minivan. I'm already scheming to upgrade to a 1997 Previa with leather someday, and honestly am not interested in ever owning anything else! That is, if I can part with current baby:).

After getting new tires put on and finding out that the things that do need to be fixed are non-critical and reasonably cheap to fix, I'm zipping around town like nobody's business. New tires alone changed everything about how my van drives, handles and sounds, and I'm now confident that there's still tons of life left in her, and I don't have to be worried about getting stranded somewhere. It's fun to drive, very comfortable... did I mention fun to drive? Now at 244,444 miles and counting, without a care in the world.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2010

5th Feb 2011, 21:34

I am the original owner of a 1994 Toyota Previa LE with 235,000 miles. My sons are driving their own cars so I could down size, but I love my van.

I carry tire chains, but have never needed them. I need front struts, and just got a quote for $530. Other than front struts and new front driver's mat, my van is great.

Enjoy your Previa, and lube, oil, and filter changes, and recommended maintenance, and it should keep on going.

1994 Toyota Previa LE S/C 2.4L supercharged from North America


Rugged Reliability: "A True Toyota Hallmark"


I bought the van used from a private owner who did not perform some things (e.g. air conditioner, differential fluid & oil leaks).

In 2004 when I bought it, I had a lot of work done out of excitement (e.g. all fluids changed, rear brakes, struts, A/C & differential leaks repaired).

I have never been stranded while operating this vehicle after any work performed by a licensed mechanic.

All other work performed by me (e.g. major tuneup, valve cover gasket, condenser & A/C drier removal, cruise control switch, radio tuner, window motor, muffler, calipers, rotors & pads).

General Comments:

I had seriously considered buying a used minivan, specifically the Toyota Previa, due to its reputation on carsurvey.org.

I did not see one "blue" face or hardly any negative feedback on any of its model years. They were either yellow or white.

After all the positive feedback, my purchase and ownership since July 2004, I expect to own a Previa beyond 175K miles unless something really major happens. I doubt it will.

I have heard that Previas are not even really broken in until 200K. Wow!!!

I have seen a useful service life go as high as 300K, probably due to its very rugged and solid drivetrain.

Currently, my van needs work as I am still troubleshooting a braking issue (vibration) and need to install a new condenser and A/C drier.

If I keep doing most of the maintenance and repairs myself, I probably won't ever part with this van.

This van, however, has very polar moments of inertia (look it up) due to its mid-engined configuration and RWD.

I hear that AWD will lessen those moments.

A Toyota mechanic once asked me "why do people swear by their Previas?" I just smiled and hesitated in my response.

You have to own a Previa to really understand.

I am quite proud to own my Previa, and hope never to see otherwise.

Realistically, if I can drive until 180K, I will have gotten my monies worth. I paid $6000 for it.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2009

4th May 2012, 09:46

Not to worry about "very high polar moments". What you're referring to is polar moment of inertia, and in the case of this van, the mass is centralized, which generally reduces problems that are commonly referred to as high polar moments of inertia, so enjoy the van, it's awesome.

We bought our used in 2002 with 80K, garaged, but well used and cared for. Now at 190k plus. We are building a 2.5 liter, 9.7:1 compression, gasket ported head, with water methanol... and want to see how much more fun it is with a conservative performance tune... and maybe even pickup some added MPGs.

With proper lubrication, I think this engine can easily go to 400k, as the 280k used engine we disassembled looks pretty damn good inside.