Sienna LE 3.0L 6 cylinder

Best value family and stuff hauler out there

88 words

Sienna 6 cylinder

Very reliable family transportation

305 words

Sienna LE 3.0 1mzfe

Could be better

90 words

Sienna CE 3.6 gasoline

A great family car

150 words, 1 comment

Sienna XLE 3.0

Reliable, but a little noisy on highway

186 words

Sienna CE 3L V6 3.0

Very very disappointing

56 words, 5 comments

Sienna LE

2001 Sienna high priced dud

192 words

Sienna XLE 3.0 VVTi

High price, low quality, too small for 7

136 words, 1 comment


Sludge, poor customer service

138 words, 23 comments

Sienna XLE 6 cylinder

A superior minivan.

31 words

Sienna LE 3.0-liter V6

A reliable, comfortable, if not very roomy, minivan

64 words