Supra Turbo turbo

Keeping this car forever, don't care how much it costs

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Supra Turbo 3.0 turbo

Probably the best high performance car available under $2000

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Supra 3.0 i6 7m-ge

It is the single greatest creation that Toyota has ever birthed

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Supra 3.0

It's a great car for the age, handles very well with plenty of torque

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Supra V6

Best car I ever owned

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Supra Turbo 3.0 turbo In-line 6

Supras in general, are loads of fun for the dollar

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Supra Non-Turbo 3.0L

I will never part with this car!

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Supra non-Turbo, sport roof 3.0L inline 6

Most fun to be had for the money

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Supra Turbo V6 3 liter turbo

A quick car from the era when it was cool to have a bigger engine than sitting space

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Supra T 3.0 turbo I-6

The most underestimated car on the road

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Supra Turbo


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Supra Normally Aspirated 3.0 Inline 6

Sporting luxury cruiser

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