Tacoma Prerunner SR5 2.7L

Toyota offers the most reliable vehicles.

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Tacoma PreRunner SR5

Very reliable truck!

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Tacoma Prerunner 2.7 3RZ-FE

The Truck for Every Purpose!

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Tacoma quadcab 6 cylinder

This mini truck never failed to haul or pull anything I needed moved

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Tacoma 2.7 ltr 4 cylinder

This truck is amazing!

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Tacoma Double Cab TRD 3.4L V6

Hands down the best driving truck I have ever owned

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Tacoma SR5 2.7L 4 cylinder

Best truck EVER

252 words, 2 comments

Tacoma Pre Runner 2.7 four cylnder

A fun driving stock truck, on or off road

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Tacoma SR5 PRERUNNER 3.4 liter V6

Waste of money, go buy a REAL truck

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Tacoma PreRunner SR5 V6 3.4 liter V6

Waste of money, go buy a REAL truck

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Tacoma SR-5 4x4 trd 3.4 liter gas

Overrated rip-off!

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Tacoma Standard Pickup 2.7

Cheap Bench Seats really tear at your back and Automatic Trans is really failure prone

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Tacoma SR5 TRD 4x4 3.4V6

Suspension does not live up to the Toyota TRD name

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Tacoma DoubleCab 4X4 3.4

It is better than a Nissan, but expensive

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Tacoma SR5 TRD 3.4L V6

Best mid-sized truck ever!

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Tacoma Double Cab SR-5 4x4 3.4 liter V6

The truck has turned out to be my ideal vehicle

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Tacoma SR5 TRD Double Cab V6 DOHC

High priced, very low in satisfaction.

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Tacoma SR5 4x4 2.7

The absolute best small truck that money can buy

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Tacoma SR5 4X4 V-6 TRD V-6

See ya off road!

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Tacoma SR5 2.7L 4 cylinder

Love the truck, I know it will last a long time!!

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Tacoma DoubleCab 4X4 3.4

Expensive reliable truck?

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