26th Jun 2003, 23:44

I love my Tacoma. I am sorry that you don't know how to drive and that you think you can treat your truck like crap and get great results. Thanks! P.S. TACOMA TRUCKS ROCK!

27th Sep 2004, 23:35

I think it is totally possible that lemon cars exist. A vehicle is only as good as the attitude that assembled it.

This could depend on the day of the week it was made or just one bad worker. It was such a bummer to read about the 2001 falling apart so rapidly. I work for a land surveying company in Colorado that uses mostly Tacomas 97-2003 and a few tundras, all with very few problems for the amount of off roading abuse we give them. I just bought a 98 sr5 2.7 4x4 ext cab manual just like the ones at work with with 49000 miles. I like it, smooth sailing so far, but not as many options to fail. Cruise control + ac still work. Pretty rigid all around for 6-7 years old.

5th Oct 2006, 13:20

My sister in Georgia owns a 2001 PreRunner extended cab with over 100K miles on it now, and you couldn't blast her out of that truck. I've paid close attention to her driving and maintenance habits for years, and this truck has taken everything she's dished out without having anything, but routine maintenance performed. She's a maniac driver, has run it off the road twice and backed it into a drainage ditch adjacent to a friend's driveway, and it always got a clean bill of health despite her concern that she's torn something up. It keeps coming back for more. She's owned 2 Fords (79 Mustang, 84 Bronco II), 2 Toyotas (01 Tacoma, 89 Corolla) and a couple of Nissans and an Accord, and this truck has surpassed them all in its reliability. I'm sorry to see the guy on here having so much trouble... really does look like a case of 1) built on the wrong day, and 2) his own driving / basic care habits. Let's face it... NO vehicle falls apart to his levels without some sort of abuse. I'd hate to see a Colorado / Ranger's condition after a few years with him.

4th Apr 2009, 08:54

Purchased 2001 Tacoma V6 Prerunner new in 2001. Still have it, over 197,000 miles. Two problems with the truck only - the water pump went out at about 70,000 miles, had a pinhole leak on it. Out of warranty so my mechanic replaced it. About 40,000 miles later, the pump bearings went out. My mechanic said he had never seen that, possibly the pump was defective, so he replaced it for labor only. No problem since.

Second problem - drivers seat got a hole in it on the backrest near the seat. That just happened a couple of weeks ago.

Fantastic truck, original brakes lasted nearly 100,000 miles. Tires go 80,000+ miles (and I drive hard). Alignment seems to never get off. Handles very well. Quiet even with oversize tires. Ride a little harsh, though.

5th Apr 2009, 06:08

00:41... glad to see you are not perpetually caught up in the import ad hype. What use to be is not now. In our house we dropped new imports. I once was, and my late model Japanese imports dropped in the quality from the 80's and 90's as well. At one point more and more will move into the mid 2000 and up models, and it will be interesting. Unless they may keep dropping rebuilt motors in the 90's ones they have now.

6th Apr 2009, 16:19

All my friends who have owned Toyota's have had nothing but trouble. I have owned both a Chevy Colorado and a Ford Ranger, and they are clearly superior to the Tacoma.

27th Apr 2009, 19:37

My 07 has not been as good as my 88, but it's still a great truck. On the highway it eats 5.3l and 5.4l, even those hemi Dakotas can't touch it.

Yes I've had problems with it; both front wheel bearings went at 130000 kms, but I plow with it.

The diff blew, but I permanently locked it and my 35x14.5 mt's couldn't have been too easy on it.

I drive the hell out of it and expect much more carnage to come, but still get 28mpg, so treat it the way you expect it to treat you.

4th Jun 2009, 01:34

There may be a drop in Toyota quality lately. I am not sure what the answer is honestly. The person that wrote the article used to own a Chevrolet and is bound to be biased towards Chevrolet. I am not picking on just this one person. If you look at the ratings of any truck, there is always one guy that hates that brand and without exception he drives some other brand of truck usually. I would love to find out which truck I can depend on. Step one is to do a more scientific study that at least attempts to be objective. Another point is that everything is relative. One cannot say that this thing or that thing is garbage without comparing it to the competition.

18th Jun 2009, 00:48

I have a 2000 Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6 with the TRD package. I have had it for 4 or 5 years and never any major problems. Just little things like broken a shock and regular maintenance. Best truck I've ever had. I've put it through hell and on most vehicles I've seen that have done what the Tacoma can would have a lot of repairs (I've seen it happen.) My truck is easily underestimated and have made many people change their mind about it. The Tacoma is a great truck and have to disagree with the first statement about the truck. TOYOTA ALL THE WAY!!! (also a fan of Chevy too. Gotta have the American touch.)

28th Feb 2015, 23:03

Tacomas are awesome, that's why you pay a bit more for one. Don't cry BAD TRUCK just because you can't drive it or handle it. I have owned many over the years - Toyota has the best reputation and resale value for a reason. But I did have an issue with mine in cold winter starting too. I just changed from premium to reg octane, and the problem solved itself.

2nd Mar 2015, 19:59

I'd wait and save for a new Ford F-150 or a Silverado. Full size, extremely comfortable with respectable MPG. I also think the new ones have far better updated styling. If you are paying insurance for a truck, it makes sense. I'd rather have a car instead of a small truck.