2001 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner SR5 V6 3.4 liter V6 from North America


Waste of money, go buy a REAL truck


1. Right after the vehicle was purchased, the plastic fender flares warped and the rubber gaskets fell out, causing them to rattle. Dealer repaired.

2. After having the fender flares repaired, the front sway bar actually FELL OFF while I was driving. Keep in mind that this vehicle seldom sees dirt. Dealer repaired.

3. The rear locking differential jammed up and would not unlock, causing the rear differential to blow up. Fixed by dealer after third time to the shop, and not without an argument.

4. Front rotars warped. I never haul anything. Dealer said that I shouldn't haul so much weight with the truck (ha ha) and that the rotars were replaced. They didn't even touch them. Had the truck in 4 times for this problem, and on the fourth time, dealer found that the rear drums were out of round. Fixed by dealer, but not without a fight.

5. Wouldn't start in cold weather. Adjustments made by dealer. That didn't work. Then, it wouldn't start AND it cut out when I tried to accelerate quickly. ECU had to be replaced. Dealer repaired.

6. Rattles EVERYWHERE in the interior. Seats already faded and torn. The ash tray just fell out while I was going to work one day. Speedometer works, but only sometimes. Windsheild has an air leak. Moon roof and passemger side door leak water. Power door locks have a mind of their own, along with the power windows. They only work sometimes as well.

General Comments:

The only good thing I can say about the Tacoma is that it has great acceleration for the engine, it runs smooth, and shifts well. Handles OK off road, but I wouldn't sugest anything to harsh. No drivetrain problems (yet). I feel that this vehicle is WAY overpriced for what you get. The interior is cheap, it rides/handles pretty bad on-road (mostly because of some serious body roll). I would not recomend the TRD package. The locking diff is garbage. Buy a REAL locker if you really want one. The Bilstein shocks ride just like the Toyota shocks, and the skid plates make it next to impossible to get to the oil filter. Don't listen to what people say about "Toyota quality". There is no longer any such thing. It died back in the mid-90's. The 2001 Tacoma is nothing but problems. Save your money and get a real truck.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2003

24th Apr 2003, 00:41

You do have a point and I'm not saying that you don't know what you are talking about, but all I'm saying is that it's a pattern that I've noticed. As you know, I had terrible luck with my Toyota, and to make it worse, Toyota wouldn't do anything about this stuff without a big fight even under their own warranty. 90 percent of the Tacoma owners I know and have talked to have had nothing but problems with the late model Tacomas. I know a couple od guys that own off-road shops and work a Toyota trucks quite a bit, and their feedback id always the same. The newer ones are garbage compared to the old ones as far as build quality goes. Toyota wants to make some more money, so they have turned what used to be a bullet and bomb-proof truck into a mass-produced, over priced pile of plastic and cheap metal.

2001 Toyota Tacoma SR-5 4x4 trd 3.4 liter gas from North America


Overrated rip-off!


Sway bar link broke at 25000 miles. Toyota will not replace even though was broken making a you turn.

Drivers side window seal leaks water.

Corner lamps allow lots of moisture to enter.

Very annoying dash rattle in both the passenger and drivers side of dash.

General Comments:

Truck is very overrated.

Handles fairly well for a pickup.

Too high priced for what you get.

Dealer service is beyond terrible. will never buy another Toyota product for life.

Truck does what it says. it will go anywhere or just about anywhere stock.

Stock tires are junk.

Interior is that of a car and too luxury oriented. will be destroyed with normal truck use within 5 years.

Engine is not as powerful as its cracked up to be.

Manual transmission shifts terribly.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2002

27th Jan 2004, 17:59

I agree that the corner lamps let moisture. The dash rattles ridiculously! It's driving me crazy, But overall I love my truck and it has a very powerful engine for a 4 cylinder (it's the 2.7 liter) I think. Did you even bother to test drive your Tacoma before you so unhappily purchased it? If you hate the interior, the way it shifts, and the "weak engine" maybe you shouldn't have bought it, just a suggestion.