TR8 3.5L

Bargain of the century

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TR8 3.5 Rover

A cheap head turner; gets more looks than a Ferrari

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TR8 Drophead 3.5 V8

There isn't a better buy around!

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TR8 3.5 Rover V8

The best sports car bargain few have found yet!

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TR8 Convertible 3.5L V8

Huge bang for the buck, particularly if you're handy with a wrench

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This car is a blast to drive, but I wouldn't own another unless I bought it with the engine upgrades

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TR8 Coupe 3.5 liter V8

Zoom, zoom, boom!

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TR8 3.5

223 words


TR8 Coupe 3.5 liter

Best Sports Car Bargain On the Planet!

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