2001 Volkswagen Cabrio reviews from North America

Cabrio GLX 2.0L

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Cabrio 2.0L

Economical and cheap

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Cabrio GLX 2.0

I am in love with this car

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Cabrio GLX 2.0L 4 cylinder.

A head-turning, yet sometimes troublesome, example of German engineering

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Great fun, but not worth the hassle

Cabrio GLX

It's one big let down, very disappointing

Cabrio GLS

I love this car!

Cabrio GLX

This car is a piece of junk

Cabrio GLS

I will never, ever buy a Volkswagen again

Cabrio GLX gas

Great convert with some bugs, but great service!

73 words


Worst care ever made, do not buy!!!

Cabrio GL

Extremely disappointing and unreliable

Cabrio GLX

Nice car...Problems??? So far a few

Cabrio GLX 2.0

Economical convertible

86 words, 4 comments

Cabrio GLX

Unreliable Transportation

Cabrio GLX

The Cabrio is just one headache after another!

Cabrio Convertible

Great, other than the darn electrical problems