Jetta GL 1.8

Small, durable, reliable, but not perfect

94 words

Jetta GL 1.8

Great car, I might just wait another year or two for the next

260 words, 3 comments

Jetta GL 1.8L, 8v gas

This car was beaten nearly to death by its previous owner, but with a little TLC, its still kicking

311 words, 1 comment

Jetta GL 1.8L valve

The key ingredients to any student on a budget are attainable via this automobile

116 words

Jetta GL 1.8L 4 cylinder

A speedy car that just doesn't die.

52 words

Jetta GL 1.6 diesel

Long lasting, good mileage, find a cheap mechanic though!

158 words

Jetta GL 1.8

This car has character, both good and bad

416 words, 6 comments

Jetta GL not sure

Run as fast as you can, away from this LEMON

326 words, 7 comments

Jetta GL 1.6 turbo diesel

Fuel efficient, unreliable money pit

181 words, 3 comments

Jetta GL 2.0

A great car for someone who wants to own a BMW at a used Volkswagen price

101 words

Jetta GL

Sweet deal for an even sweeter car

152 words, 1 comment

Jetta 1.6 turbo diesel

A great economical car that's fun to drive!

84 words

Jetta GL 1.8L gasoline

This car is cheap to run, reliable, and a blast to drive!

128 words, 8 comments

Jetta ??

Would recommend anyone to buy one! Excellent!

59 words, 3 comments