1975 Volvo 164 E B30E


The Volvo 164 shows you've arrived!


Around 180K.

New water pump and clutch fan.

Vacuum hoses replaced.

New radiator.

New fuel filter.

New alternator.

Engine burns lots of oil, and I'm putting in a newer B30E with 55K. So it will be like new again!

General Comments:

Very luxurious vehicle. Body is straight with almost no rust after 35 years. Interior is excellent and very comfortable. Has 6 speaker system now (4 AFS Kriket speakers in the door and 2 S40 Volvo speakers in rear deck.)

I also added a dash speaker, which is hooked up to a GPS.

Car handles perfect, very smooth on the interstate. Have been commuting daily with it, averaging about 60 miles a day. Had it almost a year now, and love it!!

(It's currently getting its new B30E engine!) :)

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Review Date: 1st December, 2010

8th Dec 2010, 11:25

Thanks for your comment! I was just checking today out of curiosity to see if anyone would comment it. Very awesome you had one of the first! :D. I wish I could have but I'm only 19.

I've had the same problem during the summer during rush hour when traffic comes to a stand still on Dodge Street. (If someone lives in Omaha you will know what that means), LOL.

As far as I know I'm the only one in Omaha with a 164. I have yet to even see one in Nebraska/Iowa.

I love my 164! I've had to dump quite a bit of money into it and will continue to. It's well worth it. Its extremely comfortable and safe.

Also I agree! I hate the newer cars they all look the same! Too bad volvo changed their designs. :(

What ever happened to your 164?

1974 Volvo 164 3.0 liter


A beautiful, classy car and a joy to drive


Car hadn't been driven much, so had to change all fluids, replace water pump & injector hoses and sort out fuel injection a bit -- manifold pressure sensor, temp sensor (lots of fun to pull into a garage and ask if anyone knows how to work on Bosch D-Jet)

Replaced old shocks with Bilstein HDs (hee hee).

General Comments:

A beautiful car and a joy to drive. Previous owner was a serious Volvo aficionado who added IPD sway bars and lowering springs, and replaced the ugly safety bumpers and grill with better-looking 1972s.

Lots of torque at relatively low rpm mated with 4-spd manual plus overdrive -- keeps pulling great at highway speeds, too.

Best seats Volvo ever made.

Suspension mods made it drive like it was on rails (though a bit harsh on DC roads).

Classy, classy lines -- several people insisted it had to be a Jag or a Benz. Never saw another one in three years of driving.

Panicked and sold when gas crested $4 gallon (got about 15 mpg around town/21 highway). Would snap up another one if I could - - only with 4 spd/overdrive combo though.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2009

1975 Volvo 164 e 3.0


Look luxurious and is very comfortable, but what's the next item to break?


Air conditioning compression froze shut - had to bypass the pulley system with another belt.

All electrical wires are fragile, and insulation comes off easily after 31.

Have just finished spending hours cleaning all light bulb contacts, and replacing all light bulbs.

Rebuilt transmission.

Front suspension is a overworked due to the additional weight of the 6 cylinder engine.

Overall a bit sluggish, but once it gets going, is is very comfortable.

Have rebuilt all seats, to be expected after 31 years.

Great visibility.

People like the styling of the front end, too bad the real end looks as ordinary as a Swiss Brick.

Door handles are weak, had to rebuilt each door, with new handles and regrease everything to work smooth.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2006

14th Aug 2006, 22:53

What do you expect for a 31 year old car!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Obviously practically EVERYTHING will need to be rebuilt/replaced at that mileage/age.

Owning and driving a car this old will require a lot of time and patience...that's why it's good to have another car to use as a daily driver.

Good luck!

11th Aug 2009, 14:40

Hmmmmmm. "Swiss Brick"... Swiss is Switzerland not Sweden!

7th Mar 2012, 22:33

I agree, how many cars of 30 years or more are still on the road?

Comparing how many Volvo's have been sold to how many are still on the road, I'd say they lead the pack.

I know plenty of Fords and GM's of around 10 years that are junk and ready for the scrap yard.

Why am I so loyal? Ask any Volvo enthusiast about what makes them (Volvo's) a pleasure to own. It's because they well designed, reliable, beautifully built and a pleasure to work on.

Yes they can have issues, but with such a large following throughout the world, there's always a solution and help available. Do an internet search and you'll see what I mean.

Volvo 164E (71) & XC70 (07).

1975 Volvo 164 E 3.0 Gasoline


A Volvo Classic


The air conditioning has run out after 30 years.

The car burns a little oil.

General Comments:

An ultra luxurious car. It feels like a Mercedes, and goes like a BMW.

An excellent highway cruiser, 3200lbs hold you to the road.

175 horsepower pushes you through the corners, and 178ft/lbs of torque pulls you up any hill without a downshift.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2004

6th Aug 2007, 15:18

This straight-six is one of the two best engines ever, (the other... Ford 289).

A great overall car. I owned one of these till it went over 300,000 miles.

I had a 1964 122-S which ran forever too.

1971 Volvo 164 3.0 six cylinder gasoline


A rewarding-to-own luxury sleeper


Overdrive unit required a rebuild due to crispy (old) seals, because the car was sitting for a long time.

Brake hydraulic system required an overhaul due to crispy (old) seals, because car was sitting for a long time.

General Comments:

What a marvelous Swedish barge! It's fast, it's quick, it's smooth... it's the Special Agent 007 of the motorway. Regal in appearance, stout in construction, and the 4-speed transmission with electric overdrive is a high pleasure to shift. Heater is equal to Swedish winters; unfortunately air conditioning is kinda equal to Swedish summers... there are ways of making it work better.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2001

5th May 2003, 13:15

I had a 164. I bought it new in late 1969. I kept it 25 years. I was thinking about restoring it, but...nope, I bought a 300d. The difference was incredible...

164 was a fun car. More like a truck, horrible gas mileage. SU carbs were prone to percolate in higher temps. I had no overdrive. 70mph was pretty noisy. York ac compressor was lousy...

Car had good seats...