1982 Volvo 240 reviews from North America

240 DL Volvo Redblock 4-Cylinder

Runs like a top and gets great mileage!

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Never underestimate Swedish technology

240 GLT Sedan 2.3 fuel injection I-4 115hp

Safety, dependability and character. Everything a 13 year looks for when buying an old automobile

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240 Dl

No chick magnet, but reliable

240 DL

These cars are amazing beasts when taken care of

240 DL

The best car I could possibly hope for.

240 DL

I do love this car, however, it will be a huge investment to put it into excellent running condition

240 GL 2.3

If I don't have to get rid if it, I never will, I love this car!

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240 DL

Reliable machine, poor electricals

240 DL 2.3L

A huge money pit

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240 DL 2.3

Boxy, but reliable and becoming a classic

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240 DL 2.1L? 4 cylinder

The most faithful automobile ever

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240 DL 2.1

Probably the best car I've ever owned

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240 Wagon 1.8 L (?) 4 cylinder petrol in

A reliable, solid, efficient, uncomplicated, and classic vehicle

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240 Wagon 2.1 petrol

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