S80 T6

Not perfect, but a solid car that has never let me down and I continue to love driving

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S80 T6 2.8

Avoid socialism

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S80 2.9L

Beautiful JUNK

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S80 T6 2.8 twin turbo

Love it

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S80 T6 2.8 turbo

Great car, very comfortable, expensive to repair

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S80 T6

The car is a lemon

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S80 T6 T6 turbo

Great car for a teenage driver

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It is good enough to turn over to my 16 yr. old son!

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S80 2.9

Good car. Requires monthly advising

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S80 T6 2.9 litre

Too expensive to maintain

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S80 T6 2.7 Twin turbo

Will NOT buy another Volvo and make sure all my friends and family know it

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The car really is a lemon!

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S80 2.9

Satisfactory Ride, mediocre reliability

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S80 2.9

This car is quite mediocre for a sedan of its class

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S80 T6 2.8 Twin turbo gas

Beautiful and powerful, but expensive to maintain

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S80 t6

Read all you can find about these cars, then if you buy one, it's your own fault for not listening.

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Comfortable ride, but too expensive to maintain

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S80 4door 2.9

Well built

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S80 T6 Twin turbo

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S80 T6 turbo

This is a very nice car that can hang with any BMW or Mercedes any day

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S80 T6 turbo

Never another Volvo

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S80 T6 2.8 Twin turbo

A high end disapointment

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S80 2.9 2.9L I6

The best Volvo to date!

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S80 2.9 2.9

Mixed Feelings

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