1975 Ford Cortina 1.6 gasoline


It was unreliable and not fun to drive


Based on my mom, she said that this car was very unreliable. The car always had problems with the air-conditioning. Most of the time, it wouldn't work. If it was working, then it would just blow warm air. The air-conditioning would only blow cool air a few times.

Other problems encountered would be with the radiator. The car would always overheat even when it was pretty new. Clutch had to be replaced after 3 years. Several parts also had to replaced. It also stalled a few times on EDSA.

General Comments:

This was my grandparents' car for only a few years. It had a black rooftop with a white body. This was my sister's first car that she rode in as a baby. This car was a very nice looking car, but an unreliable pocket drainer.

Aside from being unreliable, the car had an anemic engine and was very slow. Pedals were very tough to step on and required a little bit of effort. Steering was also a bit unresponsive. Driving this car was a little bit of a chore.

My grandfather couldn't take it anymore and he traded it in for a Mitsubishi Galant in January of 1980, which he would keep for the next 10 years.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2016

18th Nov 2016, 18:40

The air conditioning on Philippine cars pre-1990s were not factory ones. They were aftermarket-fitted, usually either an evaporator unit hanging under the dashboard, or plumbed into the existing vents. You'd be very dependent on the type of compressor used - during that time, ideally a York. European Fords were not designed at the onset for air conditioning - simply wasn't needed in Europe. Only since the late '70s Ford Granada was it optional in Europe. The car probably stalled a few times because of the electrics; they used British Lucas components.

19th Nov 2016, 07:27

If the clutch really went after three years, that's poor clutch control / driving style which may also explain why it "stalled a few times".

21st Nov 2016, 02:38

Ford Cortina clutches were rubbish (as were the front brake pads). But not too difficult to change. It was on the Cortina that I really got into home auto mechanics. The answer was to switch to competition parts. But that was the UK auto industry in the 1960s and '70s. Without quality control all you did was produce junk.

1981 Ford Cortina Taunus Savoy 2.0 gasoline


Can be a great car to drive once you've learned how to get the parts


The radiator leaked within 2 days of acquisition; got it overhauled pronto.

The air-conditioner was rather weak; had it overhauled. Now satisfactory.

The authentic Ford-authorized propeller shaft coupling (propeller cushion) is not available here. The local or Chinese-made replacements are only good for 3 days, a month at the most (if you minimize use of the car).

A replacement coupling can, however, be fabricated from used tractor tires, and may last a year or two, according to local car mechanics.

General Comments:

This car is generally reliable, comfortable to drive and ride.

Its dwindling number on Philippine streets seems to be mainly due to unavailability of parts, which, in turn, seems to be due to lack of interest on the part of the manufacturer to provide them.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2001

8th Jul 2001, 22:35

Re your propeller shaft coupling. I also had a similar problem with my 1975 Ford Cortina. I had to replace coupling every few months. Instead of trying to fabricate a coupling, I had my mechanic install a straight steel pipe in place of the propeller. Pipe is heavier than original propeller but it did the job. Its been in place since 1993 and its given me no problems. Car is in great shape!

Ariel topacio

Makati, Metro Manila



17th Apr 2005, 01:56

I do believe that there is still room for the Ford Cortina here in the Philippines. Parts is somewhat a problem here, but this particular model is quite popular in Australia so if you have a credit card or some money to spare, I don't think this'll be a problem. there are also a lot of Cortina car clubs out there that might be of help to you in terms of tech guide or tips. These things might be come off as being a hassle to some, but if you really like the car, looking for the right help could be worth it.

I previously owned a 1978 Ford Cortina and I think it was great. The transmission of this model was quite sweet indeed along with the power that the 1.6 brought out. Ford also intentionally had the Cortina ride a little lower to the ground for better handling and it looked good this way as well.