2009 Honda Jazz 1.3 S 1.3 Gas


This is a classic in the making


None and I don't think we are going to see any in the near future.

General Comments:

We recently purchased a Rally Red 2009 2nd generation Honda Jazz and so far we are really satisfied with it's performance in terms of road handling and maneuverability. I have noticed that it is very easy to negotiate a turn using the electric power steering. I have made several U-Turns on out tight Manila roads and all of them with a smile on my face. The car is very agile so much like a mini cooper zipping through Manila traffic. The car ride is a bit hard compared to the other cars in it's class like the Yaris. But come to think of it what sporty car rides softly anyways.

The visibility is superb in this car. All driver view angles are clear. The A-pillars are very well designed. You can actually see the corner as you negotiate it which I have never experienced from any other car in the past. There is a slight hint of body roll but you can use it to your advantage once you get used to the car. The car is very rigid and you can feel that as you drive it along the bends.

The design is very original and iconic. The original and the 2nd gen will surely be classics. The engine is superb but does not deliver the 19kms per liter mileage that they advertised even how hard I tried. Perhaps if I use E10 with 95 octane rating this car will perform better in that area. The best that I was able to do so far was 15.11 thanks to the real time fuel mileage meter on the dash. The short throw transmission definitely is another commendable thing with this car. I recalled during my boy racer days that we buy attachments to get a gear shift feel like this but now it came stock on the Jazz. The 1.3 feels more powerful than the 1.5 automatic since I have driven both.

The interior is way above it's class. Space age materials were used and it reminds me of the 1999 e46 BMW build quality. Honda is really competing with the Germans now. The cabin room is bigger than my old Lancer and can hold more cargo too. The interior is very versatile.

So far I only have raves about this car not because it is new but because I could tell that there is so much thought and brain power that led to it's design. This car is a must buy for car enthusiasts like me.

I give it a 9 rating because it is very practical, reliable and fun to drive for a small car.

The only complain that I have is the pricing. It is priced at 714,000 pesos and I can remember that the Civic when it first came was priced at 777,000 and the 1st gen Jazz was 680,000. It is very expensive compared to the Yaris but who cares. With all the gadgetry and character, you are getting more for what you paid for.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2009

17th Sep 2009, 23:04

I think all Honda Jazz have problems with the handbrake.

1st Feb 2011, 02:39

I bought a Honda Jazz 1.5 automatic last month.

I thought smaller car like the Jazz can run 15kms per liter of gas. That's not true, my Jazz can only run 8-9 kms per liter in city driving.

I'm very depressed and angry about my decision to buy a Honda Jazz 1.5 automatic.

2005 Honda Jazz I-Dsi 13.L Gas


Great city car, needs more power for faster roads


There is a cover in the back hatch lid that keeps falling out when you open the back hatch. I expect it will be fixed today.

The inside rear view mirror tended to vibrate considerably on bad roads. Dealer adjusted it and it's much better now, but every car I drove had the same problem. Our roads here are very bad tho.

General Comments:

The Jazz is a really good City car, good economy.

The 1.3L engine does not seem to have enough power for passing, outside the city. Hills can also be a problem if you come to a full stop, it has to be revved fairly high to get going again.

I drive 90% in the City, in medium to very heavy traffic, so these problems are only on fast moving roads with a lot of traffic.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2005

13th Sep 2005, 03:53

Honda Jazz is a really nice car. It's economical due to IDSI technology, and the design is optimized for space. I previously owned a Honda civic 92 hatchback before I decided to buy this new car. I hoped that this car would revolutionized the small & economical car category due to the increasing gasoline price. Frederick V. Barroquillo.