19th Sep 2005, 02:24

What's your actual kilometer/liter fuel consumption rate estimates?

21st Sep 2005, 11:47

I drive on poor roads in this city. I have no highway driving as I am city bound all the time now. The A/C is blasting all night and day here. Plus the rain has been really heavy this past week. I think I'm getting close to what should be expected at 12k/l, however, I do think I can get better economy once the car breaks in. This past week I have only gotten 10k/l, but we have had a lot of rain. I think 13-14k/l is possible, but not for several thousand kilometers more. I am a bit dissapointed as I was hoping for much better economy than I am presently getting. The A/C all the time is most likely why the cars economy is so low.

26th Sep 2005, 06:32

Mine goes for 14km/liter... 2005 1.3S CVT.

Fuel efficient car however the ride is bumpy. Can live with it, but hoping Honda will release a better suspension version in a couple of years.

9th Oct 2005, 08:58

Averaging 6.0litrs/100kms= 16km/litre in Portugal with 50%AC

HONDA JAZZ 1.2 live.

18th Nov 2006, 06:20

My wife, Kris Ibnu Suryawati bought Honda Jazz 1.5L i-DSI Manual Transmission on June 2005 and she is happy to have this car.

When she drives, this car consumes 11 - 13 KM/L for city drive using fuel RON 88 (Indonesian people called fuel type: Premium).

The car is CBU (Complete Built-Up Unit) from Thailand which requires fuel RON 91. Unfortunately in Indonesia only available fuel RON 88, 92 and 95. I suggest her to use RON 92 and this car consumes 15 KM/L.

She ask me to drive and I got at least 18 KM/L as commented in previous posting.

After 17 months, This Honda Jazz i-DSI has battery problem. Maybe because I drove the car only 2000 - 2600 RPM and alternator supply low electricity to charge battery.

The engine become noisy at 3000 RPM and the i-DSI engine consume more fuel rather than i-VTEC. But when I drive less than 2500 RPM in highest transmission it save fuel 18 - 20 KM/L and the engine is not noisy.

I don't know why this car fuel economy, but i-DSI technology make us save money.


Sasetyo Noegroho and Kris Ibnu Suryawati.


9th Apr 2007, 20:21

I had the Honda jazz DSI celebrated the one year warranty last april 5,2007,sad to say that it is also a requiem for the battery (thailand make) no matter how we charged to give an extension of her life, but to no avail. We have three cars at home including the jazz, but had no experience that a battery will be totally dead in one year as the jazz.


24th Jul 2007, 21:33

Dear All.

My wife bought a 2005 Honda Jazz iDSI 1.5 litre from JKT on Sept 2006, we are in Batam. The first 3 months everything is OK until then we face a technical problem where the gears got delay shift from gear 2 to 3. The mechanic told us to change to original Honda Engine, problem still arise, but from moving off from gear 1 to 2.

When driving at 2500rpm to 3000rpm the gear simply delay shifting. Need your help & advice.

20th Apr 2016, 18:23

Six kilometers per litre fuel consumption. How to get better fuel consumption?

Honda City Idsi vario.