2005 Honda Jazz I-Dsi 13.L Gas from Philippines


Great city car, needs more power for faster roads


There is a cover in the back hatch lid that keeps falling out when you open the back hatch. I expect it will be fixed today.

The inside rear view mirror tended to vibrate considerably on bad roads. Dealer adjusted it and it's much better now, but every car I drove had the same problem. Our roads here are very bad tho.

General Comments:

The Jazz is a really good City car, good economy.

The 1.3L engine does not seem to have enough power for passing, outside the city. Hills can also be a problem if you come to a full stop, it has to be revved fairly high to get going again.

I drive 90% in the City, in medium to very heavy traffic, so these problems are only on fast moving roads with a lot of traffic.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2005

13th Sep 2005, 03:53

Honda Jazz is a really nice car. It's economical due to IDSI technology, and the design is optimized for space. I previously owned a Honda civic 92 hatchback before I decided to buy this new car. I hoped that this car would revolutionized the small & economical car category due to the increasing gasoline price. Frederick V. Barroquillo.

2005 Honda Jazz LM 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Decent small family car with room inside


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

I had my doubts about the vehicle when my partner and I looked it over in the showroom. My head rests on the roof, but it suits our children comfortably and the boot space is adequate enough to consider coming down from a bigger vehicle.

Gear changing and lever are easy enough, no difficulty, clutch is smooth and the vehicle moves well when fully loaded on the motorway, another crucial point before purchase. Early days yet, but all seems well enough and the after sales service looks to be very accommodating.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2005

2005 Honda Jazz S 1.2 from UK and Ireland


An excellent package, value for money



General Comments:

After 30 years with Toyota and a slight disappointment with the Yaris (a second car) I am overwhelmed by everything the Jazz has to offer.

The engine needs to be worked in 2nd to top gear if brisk acceleration is required.

I read many reports citing harsh rear suspension, Honda must have addressed this problem in later models.

The fit and finish are excellent, it's the first car I have ever had where my wife can close door first & every time.

I consider the 1.2 S model good value for money and it's £1900 cheaper than the 1.4. with only 6 bhp between them.

The car is quiet at motorway speeds and cruises happily at the legal limit at 3100 rpm.

The electric power steering takes a little time to get used to.

Internal dimentions are excellent (I am 6 foot). The arrangements of the seating are versatile and are easily operated.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2005

4th Feb 2006, 14:18

This report is following on from my initial comments when the car was new.

I have now had the car for 11 months, the only fault was a loose bracket that rattled on rough roads. It was a bracket that holds the locking mechanism on the fuel filler cap.

The fault was corrected first time and, of course I was supplied with a courtesy car for the half day.

I really can't fault the car. I have owned 15 new cars most of them being Toyota's so I'm quite fussy when it comes to buying a new car. It's the only car I've had that attains the MPG that the manufacturer claims, over 10,500 miles it has averaged 51.26 mpg, Honda claims 51.4 how close can you get. A big deciding factor was that the Jazz is built in Japan. Well done Honda!

2005 Honda Jazz 1.4 SE petrol from Cyprus


Exceptional; you must test drive it to appreciate its qualities


Nothing yet. Only 530Km on the clock.

General Comments:

Exceptionally smooth high torque all the way from near-idle through to the so-far-driven 3000 rpm.

I find this car the most suitable car for me for city driving from all the cars I have test driven (in January 2005), in terms of drive-ability, performance, comfort and spaces.

I traded-in a 1.5 year old Yaris that disappointed me (see review under Toyota Yaris) to acquire the Jazz.

I found the Jazz much better suited to my needs and my driving style and decided that was worth the change.

In addition it is performing very well on the motorway when driving in the legal limits. Engine a bit noisy > 2800 rpm, but not that bad.

It never hesitates (so far.!) and is very "obedient" when pressing the accelerator pedal.

Holds very well on the road, the suspension is as firm as needed to be (for 2005 model).

The interior is very ergonomic and functional with good level of equipment (for 2005 model, for my market).

Very comfortable car, and big enjoyment to drive. In fact it competes favorably with my 1.6SE VTEC Civic 4-door sedan in qualities and comfort.

The Jazz sold in our market are made in Japanese factories and this was a very big decisive factor in my purchase decision.!

Well done Honda. You got a loyal customer. Keep the good work up.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2005