2005 Toyota VIOS e 1.3 stock


The best car in the Philippines


None, so far the best car for me.

General Comments:

Can you imagine the Vios has a 1.3 vvt-i engine and you can get a 13 km per liter in the city.

During normal driving, the Vios is very fuel efficient, but when you need power, the 1.3 Vios is like a 1.6 engine. They say that you have a normal passenger and a racing engine. Very quick to accelerate. The engine roars immediately.

Strong air conditioning.

The spare parts are affordable and available.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2010

2007 Toyota VIOS 1.3


On my Toyota Vios 1.3 M/T, the radiator was damaged, which caused the car to overheat, and the engine was damaged. The estimate only for the engine repair was almost half of the brand new Vios car.

This is not reasonable. Don't know what to do this time.

Why don't all cars not make a stage by stage protection, so that will not damage the unit that will cost too much.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2009

2008 Toyota VIOS G 1.5


Best value for your money on my mini Camry !


Two thumbs up for the Toyota Vios! G 1.5.

Here's our itinerary: Quezon City Psp1, 100, Go to Manoag, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte. Off to Baguio. We drove it to Ilocos Norte until Pagudpod. Can you imagine my gas is only Psp 1,900. with aircon (of course) and some speed thrills along the way... hehehe..

It's a comfortable ride and the agility is a plus when driving long hours 16 1/2 hours to be exact. But with some stretching and snacks along the way, it makes the trip easy and fun.

I must say it's a car worth having for a long long time...

General Comments:

Nice car, like a mini Camry, yet stable and fast.

Build quality is OK.

Good audio sound.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2009

2008 Toyota VIOS 1.3E 1.3


It's value for money, you get what you pay for


1. There are lots of rattles/vibrations/strange noises coming from the side doors, and inside and outside of the dashboard.

The Toyota technician tried to put some tape on some accessible vibrating spots, but failed to put a stop to the others.

He even told me jokingly to just increase the volume of the radio to dampen the "sound effects."

To make life easier for me, I just decided to accept these noises as lessons to be learned when buying my next car.

2. Disappointing fuel economy. I only get an average of 12km to 1 liter. But, it's not that bad.

3. I can't see the front tip of the car. It's a problem when parking.

General Comments:

1. The car's design is gorgeous; it's eye candy.

2. The car's engine sounds like a silent jet engine as it accelerates, which I consider cool!

3. Comfortable ride.

4. Spacious cabin.

5. Good air con.

6. Comfortable seats.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2009

30th Mar 2009, 08:54

If your car is manufactured in Philippines the quality will be "bad" or "poor". Trust me, I preferred Vios that is manufactured in Thailand or Indonesia.

8th Apr 2009, 14:51

I just bought a brand new Toyota Vios, that on Sunday am caught on fire because of faulty wiring. What the hell, the car was just two days old!

I got no compensation from the screwed up management, and so I just demanded for a refund. On Monday as soon as office resumes, I'll purchase a Honda City instead. I'll post pics of the screwed up unit.

2007 Toyota VIOS 1.3


Good, not just for practice driving


Nothing much.

General Comments:

This Vios that I'm talking about belongs to the driving school where I'm enrolled. It is easy to learn to drive in this car. This car is great, not just for starters, but also for people who want transport that is cheap but reliable for everyday use.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2009

2006 Toyota VIOS 1.3E 1.3


Its great value for money!


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

I am beginning to like the VIOS. The first choice was to get the Honda Civic or even a Mitsubishi Strada. So why did I change my mind? Well, having a baby makes you be more prudent about purchasing a car just for daily commute since we have other cars that can handle a larger load.

The VIOS is small, the leg room is kinda cramped for a 5'10" person. Push the seat back and it will be a difficult stretch to reach the steering wheel not to mention anyone who attempts to ride at the back. There's something wrong with the seat and the way it tilts and adjusts, I just can't find a comfortable position. The dashboard feels cheap and the big round white dials are too imposing, I wish they came up with the normal black dial with white numbers. The back seat does not fold down to expand the trunk space. My wife feels that Toyota should burn because they didn't provide a vanity mirror at the passenger side (I guess it was MADE for girls to drive). Oh, and it has a small "beep beep" sounding horn that really says "look! I am small!"

Other than that, the transmission feels solid. Even the way the door and trunk closes feels like you have a solid car. The pick up is not bad for a 1.3 engine. Infact it feels like a 1.6cc engine if I am driving alone, but don't put your hopes up when you start adding passengers.

The steering is sharp and light to the feel. The whole car feels light. Cornering at moderate speeds is slightly jittery as the car feels unstable at times. Brakes feels sharp and night driving visibility is very good. Did I mention it goes "beep beep"?

The car has enough creature comforts. The air conditioning is very good although the vents seem to blow upwards when it follows the contours of the dash board. Controls are well placed. The 1.3E comes with alarm, power locks, power windows and power steering. The side view mirrors are manually adjusted.

The car has many little spaces to put things in. There is a center console box that hides a rear cup holder between the seats, a center console with cup holder at the front of the stick shift, a small glove box and another storage space for small things on the passenger side dashboard. Under the passenger seat is a pull out tray that really delighted me... finally a pleasant surprise!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2007