2016 Toyota VIOS G 1.5 dual VVTi gasoline


Not the most exciting car to drive in this world, but gets the job done


Surprisingly, the car doesn't have have speed sensing door locks. I thought it existed in all cars made since the 2000s regardless of class. This one doesn't have them.

The car doesn't have a temperature gauge.

November 2016 and August 2017 - Steering wheel makes a noise when turning. Like the noise of wiping sandpaper while steering. It was rectified with the warranty.

General Comments:

We wanted another SUV to replace our 2004 Dodge Durango, which we sold 3 years ago. We were looking at either the Ford Explorer or the Toyota Prado. Later on, we were thinking of buying a cheaper MPV like the Toyota Innova. Then, we just wanted a small car since we're buying a Fortuner this year, so we thought of this, the Altis, the Honda Civic RS and the Volkswagen Polo. In the end, we chose this and we bought it July 30 last year.

Performance of this car is good, but it's still nothing compared to other cars out there. The one we have has the latest 1.5 dual VVTi engine, but still struggles uphill in the condo, the mall, on flyovers and in going up the Skyway. Although this car can easily pick up speed, you can feel that the engine is already being strained when it reaches 80-100 kph on the expressway. We also have a 2013 Camry and the difference is truly obvious. Without any doubt, the Camry performs much better with performance. On a positive side, the Vios is fuel-efficient and filling up gasoline is much, much cheaper.

Comfort is surprisingly good for a subcompact car like this one. Legroom at the back is pretty roomy even if 3 adults are sitting in the back. I never heard friends and other relatives who have ridden this car complain when they rode in this. Although those who have also ridden in our Camry said that one is more comfortable of course. The front part is also pretty roomy. I believe that the comfort and legroom of this car is much better than our 1999 Mitsubishi Galant before (1999-2012). Although my feet can get weary while driving this car not in a traffic jam.

One of the features that I appreciate the most in this car is that it has a touch screen audio system. I always play my own music when I drive, and having a touch screen truly helps you from not being distracted when driving. It also has Bluetooth and you can call without having to touch your phone.

Aesthetics-wise, it's actually a nice looking cute car. There are times when I would look and stare at it for a long time which I pretty enjoy.

It's a very reliable car, but this is one that I don't really enjoy driving. It's meant as a simple city commuter that will get you from Point A to B. I used it more often when it was very new, but later on, there were just days when I would rather take Uber or take public transportation when the Camry is not available or when I feel lazy driving. Although as much as possible, I maximise the use of this car whenever it's possible. This car has been out of town 3 times already in the past 10 months although only near Metro Manila such as Tagaytay (December 2016), Pampanga (August 2017), and just yesterday to Nuvali. We use this car to go to places where parking is tight and pretty difficult. Even though I don't really enjoy driving this car, it's very reliable, dependable, and fuel-efficient.

The Vios is very popular here in the Philippines. In fact, the Vios is the #1 selling car here in this country. People here have no escape from this car, especially this particular model, although this G Variant is not as common as the 1.3 E or J model (one of my relatives owns an E model). Every road you pass here, you always see this car either as a private car, a taxicab, an Uber/Grab car or a police car. Perhaps this particular model alongside its rivals in its class can be considered the car symbols of the booming economy of this country.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2017

26th Oct 2017, 20:12

Not having automatic door locking is not unusual. I'm writing from NZ, most cars here don't have it - we have a mix of both cars sold new here (NZ-new) as well as used Japanese imports, and some cars have them, some not. Nissans, even imports, tend to have them. Auto door locking may be prevalent where you are as they would be in similar markets. It's possible that the norm is to fit them as standard there because there is a fairly high incidence of carjacking. If the norm there is to lock the doors routinely after getting into the car, then car makers will tend to fit auto door locks standard, if they are available for the car elsewhere.

For performance, small cars are best with manual gearboxes. You have a 1.5 with automatic, and assuming you drive with air conditioning, there is too much load on a small engine.

1st Nov 2017, 04:03

Yes, I own one too, a VIOS Type E Dual VVTI. Somehow in Malaysia, the Honda City is popular and more favorable than the VIOS. I thought of getting one after much consideration, due to its reliability and fuel-efficiency.

However, it is not really as advertised and rumoured, fuel efficiency is so-so and almost similar to my previous Kia Forte. The CVT transmission sucks and it needs some push up for desired speeds. Handling is bad as I do not dare to push it through corners, and the air conditioning needs some time to cool down the car (probably because the car is black), and the seat is not really comfortable since it is not leather.

The advantages of VIOS are the suspension is good, and I have not faced any problems until now (mileage 13.5K). Cruising on highways is good with low RPM (2000RPM at 110KM/J). Mine was fitted with DRL, a touch-screen entertainment system, ABS, dual airbags and traction control.

This is my honest review so far. I will update it soon.


Sam, Malaysia

2012 Toyota VIOS E 1.3 gasoline


A reliable car that is easy to drive and fuel efficient


The clutch is too hard to step in.

The horn does not sound so good. He had it replaced before.

The tires and rims were replaced with more sporty ones.

General Comments:

This is my friend/thesis mate's car, although my friends, thesis mates, and I have ridden in this car at least once.

The Toyota Vios is a very popular car here in the Philippines. In fact, this car has been the best-selling vehicle in the country for several years now. This particular model is the facelifted second generation that was first released in 2010. My friend/thesis mate uses this car to go school every day and to go on dates with his girlfriend. This car has a very peppy engine and has very good performance. Comfort is surprisingly very good for a small car and it even has ample legroom at the back. The seats are very comfortable and have good quality fabric. Aircon is very cold and works well all the time. Even though this car has a manual transmission, this car is very easy to drive even in heavy traffic. You'll definitely have an easy time parking this car even in tight spaces. Fuel efficiency is very good, just like its competitors like the Mitsubishi Mirage/Mirage G4, or the Honda City.

Overall, just like any other Toyotas, this car is very reliable and can last for a very long time. In fact this car is not just used as a family or personal car here in the Philippines. The Vios is commonly used here as a taxicab, airport limousine, police car, practice car (I've also driven this model of the Vios, although not the facelifted one when I went to driving school.) and even an Uber car (in the case of the current generation Vios). The only thing I don't about this particular model of the Vios is that I don't like the styling too much. The current generation Vios looks much nicer.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2016