11th Apr 2009, 06:54

Gosh, I'm shocked to know your car was on fire because of faulty electrical wiring. Could you explain further how or why it happened?

FYI, the Vios doesn't have an air con filter!

2nd Jul 2009, 02:09

Totally awesome car, I just bought my Toyota Vios last March 2009. I gave it a test drive; it can go way up to 190 km/hr on the speedometer without any annoying rattles or vibrations, yet you feel when you're inside as if you're driving 90 km/hr.

2nd Jan 2010, 06:26

I just bought my new black Toyota VIOS 1.3e.. I am a Honda lover, but as far as my VIOS is concerned, it's amazing after all the negative comments.

20th Apr 2010, 03:30

I have a Toyota Vios purchased December 2nd. On my way home the aircon stops blowing cool air. The technician told me that the magnetic clutch is busted and needs a replacement. It's only 2 years old. How come?

Thanks and regards,


23rd May 2010, 09:36

I bough my Toyota Vios 1.3e last August 25, 2009. After 3 months there were lots of rattles/vibrations/strange noises coming from the side doors, and inside and outside of the dashboard. How come that my 9 month old car has this trouble?

And I have this bad experience on the fuel consumption; only 9km/lt. And I asked the Toyota dealer to fix this, but unfortunately no action was taken.

-CJ Ramos.

6th Sep 2010, 21:19

Our company has purchased in cash a brand new Toyota VIOS 1.3E 2008 model, it was delivered to our office on January 16, 2009.

Barely one week from delivery, the battery was drained, we notified the company and they just changed it to a new battery, until such problem keeps on recurring up to this time, just imagine, 4 brand new battery replacements in just over a year? There must be a major problem of the unit upon which we really constantly demand for a considerable replacement from Toyota up to now.

The mileage of the car is only 2700, this is a classical case of hidden defects...

1st Apr 2011, 12:23

Hi, may I know if this is already fixed? What is the source of the noise?

I had the same dashboard noise problem with my Toyota 2010 1.3e, which I bought last Sept 2010. After 3 months of usage, the noise just started.

Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

16th May 2011, 01:42

Good day to all toyota vios owners.

We bought last December 2010 a 2011 edition VIOS 1.3E (automatic) and almost 5 months later, headlight, park light, hazard light and tail light on the left side just were not functioning making it very unsafe and accident prone to drive the unit especially at night and during stormy rains.

An initial investigation revealed the probability of "wrecked wiring inside".

Do help us out if we could demand for the unit's replacement. We do not feel safe driving the unit since the latter may show future defects in the coming days or months way ahead of when they are expected.

Thanks in advance for the help.

7th Jun 2011, 14:16

I have own Toyota Vios E MT, & purchased it mid December 2009.

But unfortunately my experience was too bad, because of a rattling sound coming from the rear left door when I drove @ typical highway, & I didn't expect my 6 months old car have a problem...

I addressed the problem to the mechanic, but he said during the test drive he did not encounter the rattle sound coming from the left rear door...

In short, the problem has not been solved until now. The car is 1 year & 5 months old, but the rattle coming out at the rear left door still there... Toyota is very poor in terms of quality... it's too bad.

12th Sep 2011, 03:43

Drove my friend's 2011 Vios 1.3 E A/T for 124 kilometers yesterday; was headed to the beach, hence was 95% on the highway. The car is relatively new with only 8,500+ on the odometer. While the drive was somehow pleasant, the Vios was not really impressive on uphill climbs and curves, but that's just how it's supposed to be with a 1.3 engine. However, I was flat out disappointed with the fuel consumption at only 11 km/liter. While there may be five of us inside, I was actually light footed with average speed of 80 kph and max speed of only 100 kph. While the FC may not be that bad, it's just that I was expecting the Vios to be really frugal on gas. Turns out, it's just the same as with other cars in the subcompact class. Whatever happened to the 15-18 km/liter on the highway claim?

12th Sep 2011, 15:19

When you drive a heavily-laden small car, with a 1.3-litre engine taxed by an automatic gearbox, up a hill, you should be thankful you got over the 10 km/L mark!

16th Sep 2011, 01:09

The drive to the white beaches of Gumasa in Sarangani from Gensan was about 80% flat stretches of nicely paved roads, and only about 20% was sloping and not even that steep. In addition, the passengers and the driver are of average pinoy weight (none was overweight), and there were only small backpacks in the trunk, so it really wasn't heavily-laden.

Perhaps, simply put, a frugal engine is useless when paired with an inefficient transmission.

Nonetheless, I guess the Vios does not deserve the hype it's getting about fuel consumption, particularly for the A/T.

19th Sep 2011, 04:56

Hi there, I was wondering why you bought the E version? I was considering to buy the G version. Will it be worth the extra thousand money for the G edition?


21st Mar 2012, 07:33

Hi Victor... I had the same problem with my 2012 Vios. It is a brand new car, and just like you... there is also a kalampag sound coming from the dashboard. Were you able to solve the sound problem of your car? Please let me know how you were able to solve it. Thank you so much.

19th Jan 2013, 09:05

My Toyota Vios 1.3e creates an unusual vibration that eventually most of the time automatically turns off the engine when fully stopped. What could be the problem?

6th May 2013, 08:45

To solve that vibrating and rattling sound inside the dashboard and under the hood, open the air filter box and tighten those 2 screws. Also that black thing hanging that is connected with hoses into the air filter box, kindly realign it to its proper position. Those are the 2 things that cause vibrations when you're in Drive Gear while stepping on the brakes.

19th Jun 2013, 04:17

I also have the same problem. What makes my case worse is that the air con is not working well.

11th Dec 2013, 20:50

Check the alternator. It may have some busted diodes.

14th Feb 2014, 19:03

I bought my 2nd generation Vios J way back in 2007. Within the 7-year period and 125k on odometer, I have made the following replacements: battery (1), tires (many times), an IC on the air con and oil changes. The car still runs at about 17k/l, and with no sound from under or inside the vehicles except for the jiggling of the coins in the cubbyholes. The suspension still provides the same level of comfort as when I bought it. This is probably the reason why it is the primary choice of taxi companies.

8th Mar 2014, 06:26

Not quite so my boy. I bought a second hand 2007 1.3 VIOS from my brother, who is a salesman at a pharmaceutical company. It's his company car alright. It's got some minor scratches here & there. It's gone 125,000 km since 27 Nov 2008 when I got it (still have the papers). Believe me, there's nothing to those noise complaints and it's still performing great to date. It's quite a car.