13th Aug 2014, 02:38

When I was driving, I got stuck in a flood for 10 minutes and the water went into my front bumper, and now when I drive, my horn is not working properly; it's a turbine horn. I think it's because of water getting into the horn. Then the battery sign in my dashboard is blinking 3 times, then it's gone. After 2 weeks my horn is dead. What do you think the battery sign is about? Is it because my horn is busted or my battery is old?

One thing, my sound is good, but sometimes it makes it loud automatically without increasing my volume. What do you think guys?


19th Dec 2014, 15:10

Hi, someone help me with my problem with my Vios E 2014.

A wire was accidentally put on the socket of the park light while on. Then a short circuit happened. My fog lamp, rear light and park light disappeared. How do I solve this problem?

But the headlight is still working. I checked all the fuses in the fuse box; there's no blown fuse, but I didn't check the relay, possibly the relay is busted? Is there another fuse box in the Vios E 2014? Please help.

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21st Dec 2014, 05:35

How did a wire accidentally get in contact with the light socket? What wire? There is likely another fuse which tripped besides the main one in the fuse box. Japanese cars have a fusible link in the engine compartment that controls some of the lights.

4th Apr 2017, 14:21

Our family car is a 2008 Toyota Vios J variant; it is a great car, but the interior lights and radio are not working after some sound system customization, and we don't know where to find the fuse of them both. Please help us with our problem, thank you.