Vectra Elegance 2.2 DTI diesel

Very good car for the budget, almost ideal second hand

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Vectra Elegance 2.2 petrol (gasoline)

My Vectra C is an European car with a touch of American feel when driving :)

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Vectra Elegance 2.0 DTI

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Vectra Elegance 2.2 DTi

The best car by Opel so far.

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Vectra 1.6i

Great car for the money

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Vectra GLS 1.8i

Excellent for its time, still worth buying if you are on a small budget and find a good one

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Vectra GT 2.0i

Easy to maintain

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Vectra CD 1.8 i

Cheap, fast and reliable

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Vectra GL 1.6 injection

I really like this car

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