Corolla Altis 1.8L

Reliable, fun and comfortable car

31 words


Corolla LX

A good family sedan

76 words

Corolla LX 1.5 VVTi

Jack of all Trades, Master of None

125 words

Corolla LX 1.6 VVT petrol

Practical, economical with good performance and happy driving and ownership experience

191 words


Corolla XLI 1.5

Though it had some miner technical faults which I just mentioned, it's a great car!

101 words

Corolla XLi 1.5 unleaded

A powerful 1.5 litre car

58 words, 1 comment


Corolla 1.6GLi 4A-FE Twin Cam 16v 1.6L petrol

A quick, reliable and durable sedan

282 words


Corolla 1.6GL Liftback 1.6 DOHC

Reliable, good looking and a financial windfall

157 words, 1 comment